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Martina Nussbaumer

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Massage Therapies: Remedial,Sports, Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphoedema) Trigger Pt., Reflexology  Nutrition Medicine Energetic Healing Education/ Coaching

Martina Nussbaumer - Complementary Medicine Practitioner

Servicing area

Hunters Hill, New South Wales

Focus areas

Headaches Wellbeing Muscle tension Tight muscles Lifestyle Herbalist

About Martina Nussbaumer

    • Martina is a qualified Complementary Medicine Practitioner and specialises in Nutrition Medicine, Sports/ Remedial & Massage Therapies 


    • Accredited Member: Fellow Australian Traditional Medicine Society  No. 12229


Martina works in an integrated medical practice, working very closely together with the medical team. The team at mindbodywellth. (family medical practice) consist of general practitioners, pathology, herbalist, homeopath as well as Martina’s tactile and nutrition services.

Her enthusiasm for complementary approaches to healing was woken in Austria where tactile treatments were readily prescribed by the medical profession. As part of her hospitality/ tourism studies Martina was also trained in balneology, diets for special needs and how to design and run a health spa.

After leaving hospitality, she studied and now specialises in –
Massage Therapies: Remedial, Relaxation/Swedish, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage.
Specialities: Lymphoedema Treatment, Trigger Point Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies, Iridology.
Nutrition Medicine: Assessment, Analysis, Advice, Action Plan
Energetic Healing: Reiki, Crystals
Education/ Coaching

Martina is looking forward to continue her post graduate studies soon (PhD) to further enhance her treatments and teaching, as she is very passionate in sharing knowledge with patients and students alike.

Award for Excellence in lecturing 2007.
Member of the Golden Key International Honours Society


The treatments are based on techniques used by Western and Eastern practitioners, incorporating a holistic approach to developing one’s natural state of balance, health and wellbeing.

So whether you are seeking relief from: pain, headaches, injury, surgery, stress, fluid retention or just want to relax, the individual body work can be tailored to your specific needs.

Are you a suffer of chronic pain, stress, back pain, headaches?

Do you have painful or tight muscles, delayed muscle soreness, fluid retention, pain or restriction in joints, reduced circulation ?

Research has shown that massage loosens muscle tension, increases circulation and calms the nervous system.

Nutritional discussions are also added into the treatment.

The opportunity to participate in your own healing process is incorporated in the wide range of treatment modalities used like:

    • Remedial Massage


    • Trigger Point Therapy


    • Corrective Exercise


    • Sports Massage


    • Relaxation Massage


    • Reflexology, Foot and Hand


    • Lymphatic Drainage – Lymphoedema Treatment


    • Bach Flower Remedies


    • Reiki


    • Iridology


    • Nutrition Medicine

      Nutrition Medicine!

      Nutrition Medicine combines medical, nutritional, and natural therapies to provide biochemically specific programs for you.
      Each program is designed specifically for each individual, to suit your personal biochemistry, taking an integrated and holistic overview of your health and lifestyle. It is comprehensive and is designed to assist you for life.

      Initial consultation:
      The ideal initial consultation takes 1.5 hours. The consultations to follow are either one hour or 30 minutes pending on the complexity of your case.

      Sequence of events during your consultations:
      A detailed health, family and nutritional history is obtained and discussed.
      A physical examination and body composition analysis is then carried out, where nutritional signs are assessed and your muscle to fat ratio is determined.
      If blood tests were provided before the consultations the results are discussed as well.
      Possible further pathology testings are suggested as additional information is needed. It is used to analyse nutritional signs.

      Once all of it is carried out a specific eating plan is developed and if necessary nutritional support (with professional quality supplements) is suggested.

      Computerised Nutritional Analysis

      Nutricheck Health and Nutritional Assessment is a program looking at the nutrient status, nutrient requirements, based on individual clinical symptomatology. With this program dysfunctional patterns are highlighted. Progress of the nutritional therapy is also monitored.

      Diet analysis

      Did you every think what you actually eat during a week? Are you meeting your RDI’s? Do you get enough nutrients to fight chronic inflammation?

      Areas like appetite, digestion, absorption and utilisation of nutrients will be looked at.

      Stress related illness, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, immunodepressive illness, chronic degenerative disease, mental illness, chronic fatigue states are all conditions which have a strong relation to nutritional disturbance.


Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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