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Mary Esposito

Mary Esposito

29 West Rd Maribyrnong VIC 3032

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Healings with Mary .    Awaken to the infinite flow of love within. Release the past, what no loger serves you. Come into your unique expression, creativity, love and happinessin all your relations. Allow yourself to shine , be seen, be heard and acknowledged. Live life to your full potentiality. Body Mind Heart   Soul Healing, alignment and wellbeing through energy healing, light tools, shamanic teachings. body work, self exploring and mentoring a gentle love centred space of service   Working with a specific issue you may be experiencing or what presents on the day.....physically emotionally mentally or spritually

Mary Esposito

Servicing area

Maribyrnong & West Melbourne & Australiawide via Skype

Focus areas

Lomi lomi massage Hot stone masssage Stress Management Tension Anxiety Muscle tension

About Us

Mary is a Qualified Reiki Master/Teacher (offering courses from reiki 1 through to Master/Teacher level 

Shamanic Healer, Mesa carriernLaica Q'ero Inca traditions              Also offering the Munay-Ki Transmission Rites 

Traditinal Hawaiian Old Style Lomi Lomi Massage 

Aromatouch Technique...Doterra Essential Oils Application

Sound healings 

Land and Home/space healings/clearings/blessings 

About Reiki

Reiki is an ancient and natural method of healing meaning ‘Universal Energy’. The word Reiki is a Japanese word; Rei meaning ‘Universe’ and Ki meaning ‘Energy’. The Reiki Energy is accsessed and transferred through a practitioners hands to the clients own healing system to restore and maintain balance, harmony and a sense of well being. Disruptions or imbalances to the flow of energy within our bodies can leave us feeling tired, stressed and emotionally/physically unwell. Reiki restores the flow of energy enhancing the bodies natural healing abilities and is performed through your clothes on a massage table.

Benefits of Reiki

    • relaxes and brings clarity & peace within


    • reduce stress & anxiety


    • reduce emotional stress


    • release muscle tension


    • reduce pain


    • speeds up recovery time after illness


    • increases energy levels & strengthens immune system


    • aids in meditation & positive thinking


Reiki Healing with Mary - Session time approx. 60 minutes.

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