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As the brand of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists Limited (AAMT), MMA is the leading representative body for massage therapists and myotherapists nationwide. Become a member of a supportive and influential association that promotes and organises the massage profession by promoting high standards of knowledge and proficiency. Join now!

Professional Association for Myotherapists & Massage Therapists

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About MAA

In 2003, Massage & Myotherapy Australia was established as the country’s leading professional association for Massage, Remedial Massage, and Myotherapy with over 8,600 members professionally qualified in their field.

The Association is committed to upholding, promoting and ensuring the highest quality of standards in the field of Massage, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy. 

Further, they serve as an important resource for both practitioners, allied health professionals, and the public.

The association and its membership are widely recognised in the industry and health sector for their commitment to protecting the public and serving members.

Among its public services, Massage & Myotherapy Australia maintains a practitioner registry for referrals and offers customer service for enquiries and complaints. 

These strong commitments to protecting the public and health have led Massage & Myotherapy Australia and its members to achieve new levels of recognition.

Serving Its Members

Massage & Myotherapy Australia has a robust self-regulatory governance framework that advocates high standards of ethical and professional practice. 

As part of their work, they collaborate with key stakeholders to enhance service and practice.

Membership is based on formal qualifications, both vocational (VET) and higher education (HE), specified by the Australian National Training Quality Framework and supported by the Health Training Package.

As part of its certification process, Massage & Myotherapy Australia audits therapists to benefit consumers, health funds, and employers.

Serving The Public

Massage & Myotherapy Australia offers a free online referral service for the public to ensure they receive the best quality of treatment and care.

The Association has a list of MMA members found on the online Australian Massage Directory.

The Association also responds to complaints regarding Therapists and works with Health Care Commissions across all Australian States and Territories.

Vision and Mission

Massage & Myotherapy Australia's objectives are to promote a high standard of practice, provide rules of conduct, standards, and ethics and ensure the quality of training and certification in Australia. 

Massage & Myotherapy Australia’s Vision and Mission statements demonstrate this.

Advocacy Program

The Association works to advance the profile and recognition of its members in the Federal, State, and Territorial governments and with health insurance companies.

MMA strives to grow the industry by improving the regulatory and policy environment towards the benefit of members, remedial massage therapists, and myotherapists.

These are just a few of the mediums the Association uses to communicate with key stakeholders.


These bulletins are distributed to all stakeholders and members, providing insights into the massage therapy, remedial massage therapy, and myotherapy industries. 

Bulletins focus on specific topics and issues that stakeholders are interested in.

Ministerial Briefings

Information is provided to ministers across the country through briefings.

Media Releases

Publication of media releases serves to inform the public about issues affecting the industry.

These are available to the media and include information about massage therapy, remedial massage therapy, and myotherapy, as well as responses to media articles about the industry.


Submissions are generally responses to specific consultations by the government.

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