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Peter Roberts

Massage & Kinesiology

Penshurst NSW 2222

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Relax your aching back, shoulders, and neck muscles, get relief from migraines and sciatica and improve your mental clarity, concentration with the experienced massage therapists of Massage & Kinesiology. Receive a half-price discount on a 1-hour massage on your first visit. Book online today!

Kinesiologist & Hypnotherapist

Focus areas

Muscle relaxation Pain management Holistic healing Massage therapy

Massage & Kinesiology offers treatments utilising a variety of Natural Therapy modalities. 

By taking a holistic approach, they address the body as a whole, looking for and treating the root cause of the disease, rather than treating only its symptoms. 

Treatments are customised to meet your individual needs.

Services Offered


All forms of massage help relieve pressure points, break down tension, and reach deeper layers of muscles. 

It helps increase circulation, eliminate toxins, improve mobility, reduce pain, and help prevent future injuries. 

There are several types of massage available: 

  • Remedial Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Children’s Massage
  • Rose Quartz Healing Massage


A holistic approach to healing and health, Kinesiology Service in Biloela is a holistic approach to healing that acknowledges the importance of mind, body, and spirit. 

Through muscle feedback, kinesiology uses the body's structural, mental, emotional, and chemical energies to identify and correct imbalances

As a result, it improves the link and communication between the symptoms and helps you to feel your best.


Many cultures believe in natural life forces that flow through the body. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that restores and balances these energies to promote health and wellness.

As you allow the practitioner to rebalance your body's natural energies, your worries and daily concerns melt away.


An experienced hypnotist uses a combination of guided relaxation and focused concentration to induce a heightened level of consciousness during clinical hypnosis. 

Through this method, subtle suggestions can be made that will you process traumatic events or address issues such as addiction with a higher level of acceptance. 

Hypnotherapy treatments are available for the following conditions:

  • Smoking 
  • Eating disorders


With infrared technology instead of steam or heated stones, you can enjoy all the positive aspects of a sauna visit in a comfortable local setting.

Testimonials from previous clients of Massage & Kinesiology:

“I had a really good experience, as I went to see Peter with really bad neck pain and headaches. I felt 100 times better when I left. With an educational approach about all over wellbeing, I also felt more motivated to take care of of myself better when I left and generally more uplifted. I would definitely recommend.” - Carmen Cole

“Recently moving to the town I was desperate to find a good massage. I was lucky enough to schedule in with Ange. She was amazing took the time to work on my problem area in my shoulder, was super welcoming, kind and engaging.  I came out feeling relaxed, neutered and energised. Will be coming back:)” - Shekarliah Woodward

Massage & Kinesiology offers a range of therapies that can relax, support, and detoxify while deeply rejuvenating both mind and body.

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