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Master Therapies

Interest in Acupuncture practice and its results is attracting medical scientists and practitioners from all over the world. Modern science and technology are giving new life to this ancient form of treatment, and as a result, more people will be able to benefit from its wisdom.

Master Therapies - Acupuncture



Japanese Acupuncture is a gentle and safe modality that can have incredibly significant impacts upon one’s health. Extremely fine sterile needles are gently embedded into the skin, with no discomfort caused to the client. The recognition and diagnosis of the body imbalances and symptoms is made via the pulses and by gently palpating the abdomen. Specific points are located by palpation and the client immediately verifies the effect via a reflex point. This technique can be utilised to help with muscle tension, the circulation of blood along with the management of stress, pain, nausea, and fatigue related to many chronic diseases.

Toyohari Acupuncture – East Asian Meridian Therapy

Toyohari differs from other kinds of acupuncture in that it utilises gentle yet effective treatment methods, placing significance on eastern medicine diagnosis utilising pulse and palpation skills.

Toyohari needling is ‘contact needling’, where a silver filament (needle) or probe is held just over the skin without touching it. There is no discomfort or pain attached. Toyohari is concerned with regulating an individual’s body energy and life force flow – the movement of energy and blood in the body which is vital for overall wellbeing and good health. 

Toyohari can assist with:

    • Pain


    • Stress related to some autoimmune disorders


    • Fatigue


    • Bruises


    • Muscular skeletal disorders


    • Sprains


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