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Servicing area: Melbourne Bayside areas including Cheltenham, Chelsea, Frankston and surrounds.

Melbourne Hypnotherapy Solutions

Feel better. Look better. Save money.

Quit Smoking without Cravings or Weight Gain

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  • No pain

  • No major life changes

  • No chemicals

  • No dangerous drugs

  • No toxic patches or pills

  • No needles

Program Support Guarantee

At Melbourne Hypnotherapy Solutions we are so confident that you will quit cigarettes in one session with us that we back it up with a Guarantee. This means you’re able to quit cigarettes permanently because we are pro-active in removing the reasons why most people fail, before they even happen.

The reason we can offer this Exclusive Guarantee is because of our experienced team and high success rate. This is the solution to your cigarette problem.

Quit Smoking without Cravings or Weight Gain

Whether you’re fully ready to quit or not, we will assist you to you create that single-minded focus that enables you to be successful. This means you can make it happen swiftly and decisively.

We give you the techniques that enable you to create and maintain that dedicated state of mind in which you quit easily, happily and permanently.

You will benefit from the use of evidence based techniques that include Psychotherapy, NLP reframing, Hypnotherapy and clinically proven Counselling techniques as required and relevant to your individual needs. Every component is designed to help you feel great about being a non-smoker. You will have eliminated cravings and addressed any concerns about withdrawal or weight gain.


With new strategies and a positive shift in your mindset there will be no suffering, irritability or substitution with food. Instead of negative feelings or frustration you will have a great sensation of success and accomplishment- feeling finally free from the hold smoking used to have on you.

Let go of the struggle.

Contact 030 9773 2711 or 0409 528 685 for further information about how our services benefit you.

We are here to get this sorted for you, once and for all.

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