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Melinda Mann

Melinda Mann

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Melinda Mann

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Happiness Anxiety Past life healing Emotions Complementary Stress Management


​Are you tired of not feeling your best?
Do you suffer emotional issues such as stress or anxiety?
Do you want to explore a more gentle way to heal your overall self?

All healings I do are evolving and becoming more intense and working at a rapid rate. As a result of this my healing sessions are getting the same results in a quicker time frame. So now I'm reducing all healing sessions to 30 Minutes and I'm also reducing the session cost to $60. My focus is on helping you to heal as quickly as possible.

Recently I have been personally affected with family and friends being diagnosed with cancer. This has lead me on the path of wanting to help anyone dealing with this disease including their carers who need extra support at this time.

Mainstream western medicine combined with alternative complementary medicine can help. You need to heal on all levels deep within for a complete healing for your body and soul. Energy healing helps to release suppressed harmful emotions that you are ready to let go of.

Throughout our lives, our overall health is determined by our emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes. These are energetically held in our body and if they are out of balance, they tend to block our body’s natural energy flow. Over time, if left unchecked, these unbalanced emotions and thoughts can affect our organs and the natural workings of other body systems.

When your body is fully balanced & in harmony, it allows you to connect to your true self and empowers you to reach your highest potential.



Healing sessions will remove what no longer serves you and clear the blockages in your body's energetic system so your body can get back to its natural state.

1 on 1 Personal Healing sessions are available. I also offer Distance Healing sessions, which occur remotely (no need to come to my clinic). I align with your energy to conduct the healing followed by an email detailing the information that arose. This is just as effective as having healing sessions in person.

Reiki & Seichim

A technique for stress reduction, relaxation and promotion of good health by focusing the Universal Life Force Energy to flow through our body.

This is achieved by lightly placing hands on or slightly above the body while the Universal Energy flows through the hands and into the body balancing our own life force energy for our optimum health and happiness.

A treatment feels like a glowing radiance that flows through and around you and treats the whole body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Vibrational Medicine

Everything is made up of energy and has a vibration, the higher the frequency the more subtle the vibration.

Lower frequencies are more dense matter. So all constitute one single continuum of energy. Vibrational medicine attempts to heal illness by manipulating these subtle energy fields via directing energy into the body instead of manipulating the cells and organs through drugs & surgery.

Past Life Healing

Old behavioural patterns and emotional blockages are cleared from your past life experiences that affect you in this life.


There are 7 main chakras in our bodies. Chakras are energy centres that are transfer points for our emotions, feelings, thoughts and correlate with the functioning of our internal organs and interrelate with the endocrine & nervous systems.

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