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We all experience suffering. Some of us feel paralysed by feelings, others are imprisoned by physical pain, and others lack a sense of belonging, identity, or purpose. With Kinga, you can find the sources of your suffering and learn how to help yourself. Schedule an appointment to find out more!

Holistic Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Kinesiologist

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Face to face appointments Exhaustion Online consultations Holistic wellness Individual counselling Self-empowerment

In her early career, Kinga worked with children and adults with cerebral palsy as an exercise physiologist. Despite loving what she did, she soon realised that working with the physical body was limiting her ability to help others.

Not only did her work lead to this epiphany, but also her own physical pain, which sometimes rendered her helpless. 

Conventional medicine disappointed her when, at the young age of 23, she was told her doctors didn’t know what was causing her pain, and that she would simply have to manage it by taking medications. The situation was unacceptable to her, so she sought further answers.

When Kinga discovered kinesiology, she was able to use a modality that combined Eastern wisdom with Western science to heal her physical issues. In this holistic approach, the individual is seen holistically instead of as a segmented entity bound by the physical world. 

As a result of tapping into her mind, body, and soul, her life was transformed. After this transformation, she pursued even more education, including formal study and experiential education through plant medicine, among others. 

Over the course of 18 years, Kinga has accumulated knowledge, techniques, and skills that can support you in tapping into your essence and personal power to use that connection and empower yourself to live the life you desire. 

It is her goal to help increase your awareness so that you can tap into your innate ability to heal yourself.

Services Offered


While people think they know what they want, they often find themselves overwhelmed, burnt out, or stuck.

Growth occurs when one is clear about what they want, has access to a supportive environment, and practices self-care. If you start there, you can unlock your innate abilities and then drive with confidence towards your vision.

Meliora’s therapeutic approach involves empowering you to tap into your own innate abilities to heal yourself from within.

This is achieved through the use of four components of holistic therapy. Every aspect offers a different view of the whole, and when put together they provide a complete picture of one’s self.

Kinga’s sessions are not just talk therapy. In your first session, you will get to know each other and clarify expectations on both sides.

It’s a holistic approach to your needs since sometimes words can’t adequately describe what’s happening to us. You are welcome to express yourself in any way you feel, whether that be through movement, drawing, art, sound, stillness, or any other form of expression. 

All you need to do is come as you are and be open-minded.

Regular sessions are held in Kiama Heights, NSW. Online sessions are also available. 

To learn more about how she can help you, schedule an introductory call with Kinga today!


Standard Session

$100 Per hour

A session with Kinga is not just talk therapy. It involves a holistic approach to your needs as sometimes words aren't enough to convey what is happening within us. All forms of expression are welcome. All you need is a willingness to explore.

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9:00 am To 6:00 pm


  • Bachelor of Science In Exercise Science
  • Professional Training Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • International Diploma In Kinesiology

Professional Membership

  • PACFA - Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia

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