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Michael McCloskey - Kinesiology

Michael McCloskey

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57 Gawain Rd
Bracken Ridge QLD 4017

Servicing area: Bracken Ridge and Carina, Queensland

Michael McCloskey - Kinesiology
Michael McCloskey is an experienced specialised Kinesiologist who graduated from Kinesiology Schools Australia.

Michael McCloskey - Kinesiology

Michael is an experienced specialised Kinesiologist who graduated from Kinesiology Schools Australia.

He is a certified Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and is accredited by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. Michael gained valuable experience training under Danny Liddell, one of Brisbane’s leading practitioners.

Michael also studied at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and is an active practitioner with the award winning Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies on Brisbane’s north side. Michael also works at Carina Therapies (94 Willard Street Carina Heights QLD 4132) on the Southside.Ph: (07) 3843 3555

Michael is a specialist in:
  • Pain relief and management,
  • Neural Integration and Control,
  • Digestive dysfunctions

Michael has a keen interest in helping children with learning difficulties and is highly regarded amongst his peers.

As Kinesiology has such a broad variety of ‘styles’ these are not simple questions. In this article I will try to provide a glimpse of what Kinesiology is and demonstrate its vast range and scope.

Where Kinesiology fits in to the scheme of things

Western Medicine is invaluable to our society in many ways. In general it has a strong focus on stopping a problem be it illness or pain, etc from getting worse. They look at a dead body and say “how do we stop it from getting there”. This is sometimes a necessity.

Kinesiology on the other hand focuses on a healthy body, mind and spirit to see how we can keep it there (healthy) or return it to this healthy state. When the two are compared the question needs to be asked, emergencies excluded; 'Do you want to just 'not die' or do you want to live a happier, healthier ‘QUALITY OF LIFE' ?

The important thing to remember is that both are necessary in our society. Kinesiology uses this holistic health care approach by looking at all the ‘symptoms’ including the problem at hand, lifestyle, your relationship with those around you including family dynamics, work and social life, diet, emotions and habits and much more. The Kinesiologist is interested in the ‘whole you’.

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