Mind Body Soul Balancing

Clare Milner - Reiki Master

Spearwood WA 6163

Welcome to Mind Body Soul Balancing A holistic approach to an enduring life; Reiki, Sound Healing, Children Meditation and Mindfulness.

Mind Body Soul Balancing

About Us

My name is Clare, I am a Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Holistic Life Coach and Mindfulness/Meditation Facilitator.

I have a deep passion about the overall wellbeing of our community; adults and children; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and also have great respect for Mother Earth.

I work closely with you, to help facilitate your own unique HEALING & EMPOWERING journey, bringing you back to complete balance in Mind, Body & Soul, along with integrating holistic approach to ENDURING life.

The services that I provide include:

  • Reiki & Sound Healing
  • Children's Mindfulness & Meditation 

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Mind Body Soul Balancing