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Myotherapy Brisbane

Heather Meyer

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Effective relief from pains, aches & injuries using deep tissue sports & remedial massage from Myotherapy Brisbane.

Sports & Remedial Massage

What Is Sports Massage?

Myotherapy Brisbane delivers premium Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy for the relief of muscle pain and tension that lasts. A sports massage therapist will have a Remedial Massage or Myotherapy qualification and will focus on your specific area of pain or restricted movement.

Sports Massage is a popular treatment choice of athletes, coaches, and sports physical therapists. began to help sports performance, recovery, and rehabilitation but has become popular in the wider public in recent years.

Sports massage is often associated with deep tissue massage but is more superficial post performance. Deep tissue massage aims to provide a more lasting relief by addressing not just muscles but the tendons and deeper tissue structures of fascia called connective tissues.

What is Remedial Massage therapy?

Remedial massage therapy is a therapeutic form of massage to “remedy” specific injuries or muscular dysfunction. Varying massage techniques are used to relax muscles and soft tissues such as tendons and fascia (connective tissue). Massage pressure can vary from relaxing, superficial strokes to deep, strong pressure.

Remedial massage therapy uses techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, cross-fibre techniques and stretching with MET (Muscle Energy Techniques). Stronger, deeper movements may be used to release  long-term tension and fibrosis of tissues especially for those with chronic pain conditions.

Myotherapy Brisbane specialises in advanced Remedial and Sports Massage techniques for the treatment of headaches, shoulder, neck & postural tension and pain, sports injury, lower back & hip pain, nerve pain, ankle, feet & knee injuries.

“A significant body of evidence, including systematic reviews, supports the effectiveness of massage therapy in the treatment of a range of musculoskeletal presentations.”

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