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My Rehab Team

My Rehab Team

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My Rehab Team is dedicated to providing mobile health services because we believe that good health starts at home!

My Rehab Team

Focus areas

Coaching Stroke Lifestyle Hydrotherapy Occupational therapy Aquatic

We have a passionate group of health professionals to provide you with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, dietetics and podiatry. Your independence is our concern!

With special interests in rehabilitation and neurological condition's, we are also here to help optimize your ability and restore your confidence.

Joanne Mak
Principal & Physiotherapist, BPhty, MSc (Rehab), MWFNR

Whether your condi.on is acquired or congenital, progressive or non‐progressive, physical or neurological; whether your concerns are to co‐ordina.on, balance, mobility, daily or managing your health care, My Rehab Team can provide you assessment, treatment, case management and support.

We have a forte in physiotherapy and we optimise our service with a multi-disciplinary team. One of our ethos is to collaborate with patients/clients to tailor a rehabilitation program that is delivered in a relevant and strategic way to meet their individual needs. We have chosen to be a mobile service because we firmly believe that integrating rehabilitation as part of normal daily lifestyle is the best way to assure its ongoing and long term effectiveness.

Through our website and social media including Facebook, Twitter, we keep you updated with news on research advances, rehabilitation modalities, resources and facilities, and supporting and networking opportunities.

Case Management

We are experienced in helping our patients/clients to plan, manage and co-ordinate their rehabilitation and health and care needs. Through case management, we support our clients toward assuming an optimal quality of life, self management and autonomy in the long term.


We retrain your body to regain physical ability. Some of the modalities we use include – motor relearning and coaching, therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, individualised pilates program, functional electrical stimulation, splinting and casting, prescription of aids, orthosis and equipment, postural and positioning advice, aquatic physiotherapy (hydrotherapy), and so on.

Occupational Therapy

We have a focus on independence. Some of our goals with you may include the return to previous roles or the development of new life opportunities. Our skills include the rehabilitation of arm function, thinking and problem solving ability; the management of fatigue; the assessment and innovative strategies for challenges faced at home, in the community or at work.


We manage problems originating from the foot. Prescription of appropriate footwear, orthosis, foot care are amongst our areas of skills. We also have refined skills in identifying problems with gait, i.e. the way people walk.

Expert patients

We are the ones who tell the team how they should develop and evolve the service. We have been there and experienced it first hand and we think we are the best people to represent people like us. We also collect great tips, ideas and information from a wide variety of sources and people in order to make them available for you to test out via the website, Facebook, Twitter and information leaflets!

Self Management

For our stroke clients, we offer a self management program called Bridges (you can visit the their website at to harness and enforce your confidence in making your own on-going progress even after discharge.


My Rehab Team is in the process of including other disciplines including nursing, counseling and psychology and speech and language therapy as part of its service. It continues to widen its network with the community, other services and organisations, and work closely and co-operatively with other health and medical professionals to ensure that its service makes sense to you.

If My Rehab Team is not the service for you, we will do our best to sign post you to someone else who can help.

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