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Melanie Mack - Heart of a Mystic

Melanie Mack

Rye VIC 3941

Servicing area: Rye & Mornington Peninsula VIC

Melanie Mack - Heart of a Mystic

Escape from the busy humdrum of life and take time to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage & Therapeutic Healing

Let Your Hair Down and Be Pampered

Women always have their hands full. But today, Melanie Mack - Heart of a Mystic in Rye VIC unloads you and provides you with a full range of therapeutic services ranging from aromatherapy and Lomi Lomi massage to Reiki healing and scalp manipulation. 

So kick off your shoes, relax and while away the time in your own serene world, where no mundane concerns can bother you.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage

$90 / 1hr
$75 / 45 mins
$130 / 90 mins

Bid those aching muscles good riddance as we treat you to a deep tissue massage and release those tight knots for good. Tailored for your personal needs and infused with aromatic essential oil blends, our massage treatment will surely give you a renewed sense of wellbeing. 

Massage and Energy Healing 

$110/ 75 mins

A massage and Reiki healing combo is undoubtedly an effective way to balance mind, body and spirit. We’ll allot 45 minutes to release stress from your body and then spend half an hour cleansing your energy and revitalising the whole of you. 

Reiki Energy Healing

$90 / 1hr
$70 / 45 mins
$50 / 30 mins

Revel in pure relaxation as we cleanse and realign the energies throughout your mind, body and spirit. This therapy employs calming crystals, sound healing techniques, aromatherapy and smudging.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

$90 / 1 hr
$130 / 90 mins

This invigorating massage technique, which originated in Hawaii, utilises gentle forearm glides that heal and invigorate.

Therapeutic Healing Package


As they say, nobody but only you can clearly specify what your body needs. This healing package allows you to personalise your two-hour therapeutic experience by selecting two or more treatments that work best for you.

Head and Scalp Massage


Complement your choice of treatment with this 30-minute luxurious head and scalp massage.

Foot Massage


The feet have pressure points that can improve different organs in your body. Add a soothing foot massage to your choice of treatment and get instant relief stress.

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