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Everyone is different and every patient is individually approached. The goal is to provide you with information about your specific situation, constitution and need(s).

Anna-Maria Boelskov Nutritionist and Herbalist

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Dover Heights, New South Wales

Focus areas

Stress Management Posture Hay fever Health issues Indigestion Optimal health

Welcome to
Nutrition and Herbal Medicine with Anna-Maria

my philosophy is to bring knowledge back to the individual, and to educate them about their body, health and diet.

Everyone is different and every patient is individually approached. The goal is to provide you with information about your specific situation, constitution and need(s). So you can be in control of your own health.

Each patient is taken through a thorough health check questionnaire, and if needed additional in clinic health tests and follow up consultations, to provide ongoing support to help achieve their individual goal. Patients are provided with an individualised diet and lifestyle plan along with nutritional and/or herbal supplementation if needed.

It is advised to have regular or annual visits to a Nutritionist to enable you to stay on track with your health.

About Us

Anna-Maria Boelskov has worked as an international fashion model since 2000, when she left her home in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has lived in London, New York City, Paris and Milan and is now living in Sydney, Australia.

Nutrition has always been a fascination for Anna Maria, partly as a must due to the physical demands in the modelling industry to stay fit and healthy. She realised at an early age that she had to learn more about food and nutrition to really be able to keep up with the demands from the industry.

Anna-Maria started her studies in Sydney at Australasian College of Natural Therapies to embark on a life as a Naturopath, and now holds an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional and Herbal Medicine. She is a registered practitioner with ATMS and has consultations from her office in Woollahra, Sydney where she is also teaching Vinyasa Yoga.

Anna Maria gives talks on Stress management and anti ageing for larger business groups and teams.

Since becoming a mother of her baby daughter in 2011 she has done talks for mums with babies and workshops on healthy lunch boxes for kids.

‘After many years as an international model, I have come to realise the great impact a healthy lifestyle, wholesome and nutritious diet has. Not only to gain good looks, glowing skin and a “stay forever young” focus, but to ensure health on a cellular level as prevention of disease and ensure optimal wellbeing.

It took me till I started studying naturopathy to learn that those little nags and “normal” discomforts are not normal and can be avoided AND prevented with a change in lifestyle and diet.

My goal is to educate and empower people who are looking to change for a better lifestyle, embark on a healthy journey or just stay up to date on health and nutrition’.

Herbal and Nutritional Medicine are used to help support the body and assist in obtaining and maintaining optimal health. We focus on what foods are in the diet, the nutrient values such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamin levels and the quality of the food intake.

With Herbal medicine we use plant extracts and its active constituents as herbal tinctures, teas and in food.

The two are often used together. Firstly with a focus on nutrition: the way we eat, what we eat, the quality and where it’s from. This is the foundation for our health and lifestyle and is always addressed first, then we can add herbal medicine to address more acute and chronic symptoms.

I believe in preventing ill health on a daily basis rather than cure.

What can you expect from a consultation?

The initial consultation is about one hour long where a detailed history of your health issues and patterns is taken. From the detailed history taking we can see where the body is in need of adjustments from the diet and lifestyle and then address deficiencies and acute and chronic symptoms with nutrients, supplements and herbal tinctures. At times a blood pathology test can be needed, to take a closer look at what is happening on a cellular level. An example of what a pathology test is requested for is often to take a look at iron, calcium &/or vitamin D levels, cholesterol and hormone balances, to mention a few.

With your participation we then work together to create a personalised health plan for you to take home and work with on a daily basis.

Follow up consultations are scheduled as needed to check in with the progress of the plan, further adjustments and support. Follow up appointments usually last for 20-30 minutes.

Nutritional and Herbal medicine can be used by most people of any age and is used for numerous conditions such as:

Weight management, migraines, PMS, Stress, insomnia, fertility, Infections Bacterial and viral, hair loss, bloating, flatulence, digestive upsets, allergies, skin rash such as Psoriasis and eczema, food sensitivities, food cravings, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, blocked sinus, asthma, urinary tract infections, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, bloating, pain, candida, reflux, burping, bad breath, ulcers, fatty liver, nervous stomach, stress, anxiety, panic, nervousness, nervous stomach, mood swings, mood disorders, irritability, depression, colds and flu.. The list goes on.

The goal is always work to identify and address the underlying cause of symptoms and illness with the principles:

  • Do no harm
  • Treat the whole person
  • Prevention rather than cure

Vinyasa Yoga
In a private session I will instruct a class customized to fit your experience, age and lifestyle, and consider any injuries or special needs you may have.

You will be guided with hands-on adjustments to deepen the postures, and with the use of props, blocks, straps and bolsters. Perfect for beginners and advanced students alike.
With a focus on the breath the yoga session will be moving through a series of poses, called asanas, and work towards a smooth connection between breathing and moving through each asana in a steady controlled flow. Always ensuring proper alignment and posture.

Stretch classes are a simplified version of the yoga sessions, still using straps, blocks and bolsters to assist proper alignment. The Stretch sessions are shorter and not taught in a traditional yoga flow, but simply focusing on specific areas which need stretching.

You can expect to feel clam and rejuvenated after a session. You may find the stretches and poses challenging but you will not find your self ‘huffing & puffing’. Depending on your goal I will tailor the session to provide you with what you need to get results and grow further in your practice.

Yoga practice provides strength, vitality, stamina and flexibility, and has proven in some cases to improve some physical conditions, and ease stress and pain.

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