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You have the natural innate wisdom that is deeply powerful and allows you to heal. Each and every one of us has this empowerment within us. 

Natural Health Therapy - Energy Medicine

Focus areas

Nervous system Cellular communication Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Wellness Circulation

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine provides you with wellness across all aspects of your being on emotional, mental, and physical health, by promoting healing, improved blood circulation, clearing out congested areas whilst balancing and calming your central nervous system.

Energy Medicine is the application of skills, techniques, and knowledge provided to you, to support experience a new level of improved health regard, encouragement, and support in acceptance of flowing with change. This therapy supports you through ‘providing’ you with the chance for greater understanding and awareness of what the mind is manifesting in your life and how it affects the function of your body.

The importance of your thoughts, habits, cravings, and learned attitudes is recognised without judgements and worked on as a part of your process of clearing them. Empowerment comes from your own expanded awareness to what benefits you, and what chemistry your cells need in establishing good health habits and where possible regaining proper function within your systems. In this process, you develop new awareness and a new focus, of how you choose to be. This unique combination of therapies creates the experience of freedom from pain and Freedom from fear. 

Vibrational Chemistry

All of us emit energy; we are all made up of energy. We are always surrounded by vibrations and energy; The energy of chemical information exchanges within all of our cells radiates a specific vibration. Your energy vibrates at a specific frequency, unique to your feelings and thoughts. The vibrational resonance of what you are feeling or thinking will change with the thoughts, and reactions to your feelings and thoughts, moment by moment.

To alter your thinking, to alter your energy levels, feeling deeply energised, having more enthusiasm with greater confidence and calmly when embracing new experiences, then making a conscious decision becomes easier and easier. The highest goal is you becoming a reflection of your true Self, recognising your great true nature, vibrating self-care, confidence, self-discipline, wellness, and trust in the generosity of spirit, patience, respectfulness, and calmness. Being receptive to transformations requires courage, sincerity, trust, and acceptance in something that will be unfamiliar. Trusting your own inner great Self. 

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4 Services

Reflexology massage

$95 Per hour

A Reflexology treatment that includes massage with pure essential oils applied to feet, hands legs and arms. Attention is also given to face, head and neck. Essential oils included in cost of session. Session times can be from 1 hour to 1.5 hours.


$95 Per hour

Muscle testing for the cause and source of current experiences of pain or imbalanced responses in the body. Testing of the triggers for digestive dysfunction, poor elimination responses, hormonal imbalances and recurring injury responses. When awarene


  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Diploma In Remedial Massage Therapy
  • Certificate In Relaxation Massage
  • Diploma In Reflexology (HLT)
  • Certificate In Life Coaching
  • Applied Mindfulness Practitioner (The Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness)
  • Certificate In Oncology Massage Therapy
  • Councillor
  • Diploma In Pregnancy Massage

Professional Membership

  • RAoA - Reflexology Association of Australia

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