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An holistic way to improving your health for yourself, your family, the community and Earth herself...

Natural Lore Wellness


Living Transformation through the Lores of Nature

Natural Lore Wellness is an holistic philosophy - an integrated approach to healing and wellness incorporating plant medicine, nutrition, lifestyle elements , inner work, and developing a Wellness attitude and response. MOST IMPORTANTLY this is an opportunity to remember you are Nature itself, not disconnected from it nor above it and through this remembering lies a path for living transformation.

If we look at the Natural flow of creation - the plants and elements have been perfectly designed to sustain life on earth and it is our role in this human form to care take the earth in return - sadly a job we have fallen down on! This site and our philosophy is aimed at assisting us to reconnect to Nature, ourselves and raise our consciousness to ensure this care taking takes place for the planet and each other.

In relation to health and healing - we do not believe in “treating an illness” rather it is our philosophy to assist you to enhance your own well-being through assisting the body to heal itself - primarily through activating and maintaining a healthy and balanced endocannabinoid system via an holistic and integrative approach. Mind, Body & Spirit.

Alongside nutrition we also look at essential tonic herbs, exercise and lifestyle protocols and encourage you to deepen the innate access you have to your own natural intelligence i.e.; you learn to listen to what your body needs to enable healing and transformation. We offer a range of programmes to suit your specific situation and can walk side-by-side with you the whole way, or just be here when you need us - that is up to you!



The first step in receiving assistance that is right for you is to have a consultation with one of our experienced Facilitators. We look at your overall situation and health to help determine a recommended treatment programme for you.

​Consultations can be done in person, via skype or over the phone.


We have 3 levels of Programmes:

  • Basic structure - which includes Consultation, standard wellness protocols and support for 1 month to assist with adjusting and ensuring you stay on track

  • 24 Day Programme - This includes Consultation, tailored wellness protocols designed just for you, 2 Plant medicine formulas, 6 specifically selected Tonic Teas and Organic massage / body oil.
    7 Week Programme - this is a comprehensive Programme designed to initiate and create sustainable long term change for both prevention and management of any disharmony you may be experiencing. Consisting of 2 consultations, a tailored 7 week Wellness Programme including 4 plant medicine formulas, 12 teas, Inspiring and supportive journal, a Living Inquiry session to look at any unhealthful patterns or behaviours and accessing a deeper connection to the plant medicine.

Tonic Herbal Blends

Based on Ancient Tonic Herbalism, Natural Lore Wellness Teas are aligned to an intuitive communion philosophy and are harmonically and bio-chemically formulated by hand. This process ensures each blend is of optimum quality and taste.

Each blend reflects a Natural Lore of Wellness.

The Blends assist to inhibit factors that create disharmony resulting in illness. Our philosophy is “by enhancing wellness you can prevent illness”. These blends should be drunk as a daily tonic, and may assist in managing and/or potentially reversing the damage caused by many ailments – body mind and soul. These herbs are a gift from nature for healthy longevity and for those who need more assistance we also recommend two programmes to assist embodying a Wellness Attitude and dissolving unhealthful habits and patterning.

The range compliments healing and support for a whole range of issues and ailments eg: Stress relief, Sleeping issues, Heart health, Libido / Romance, Weight Loss, Detox, Chronic Illness, Pain management and more.

On a metaphysical level, the herbs assist in de-programming unhealthful patterns by re-calibrating the entire bio-energetic system to an ‘upgraded’ consciousness frequency, inviting an intuitive acceleration into health, wealth and happiness with ease and Grace.

Endocannabinoid System

Natural Lore Wellness considers the Endocannabinoid System as a primary focus of how we structure the programmes we have been developing considering years of research and background information on how best to assist those in need to re-align to their natural balance.

So what is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? Nikki Freeburn - founder of the original Wellness Clinic Newcastle September 2014 which is now Natural Lore Wellness in Terrigal - speaks at a Medical Cannabis seminar in QLD late 2016. Nikki's information as far as the endocannabinoid system is concerned is based on Dr. Ralphael Mechoulam’s 1989 discovery of the existence of a cannabinoid receptor in the brain (CB1), then the second discovery of a second receptor in the body (CB2). Knowledge about this extraordinary and essential body intelligence is growing exponentially. To give a basic understanding of this system, see the below diagram.

There are multiple components that activate and maintain a healthy endocannabinoid system and include phyto nutrients, terpene herbs and accessing your own innate body wisdom. The programmes we recommend through our protocols offer both education and practical applications to give your body/mind its best chance of doing what it knows how to do – and that is heal itself and maintain internal and external harmony and balance.

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