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Lina Pellicano

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Taking Beautiful to The Next Level: Receive the ultimate tailor-made facial treatments, waxing services, and massage therapies

Nature Finds You Skin and Body Beauty Salon

Why Should I Visit Nature Finds You Beauty Salon?

Treat yourself to a wide range of highly effective beauty services administered skillfully by Lina Pellicano, one of Australia’s leading beauty experts with over 25 years of experience.

Gain a personalised experience with a greater focus on attention, unconditional care, and results-driven therapy.

Only the highest quality products are used to ensure the very best results whilst maintaining a traditional hands-on approach to provide you with the ultimate experience.

What Services Will I Get to Enjoy?


All facials are tailored to suit your specific needs. Comprehensive skin consultation and skin diagnosis, recommendations and guidance regarding home care maintenance are included. You can include add ons like Eye Focus Treatment, Hand Rejuvenating Treatment, and Décolleté Rejuvenating Treatment.

Signature Customised Facial

See and feel your skin glowing, smooth, firm, and hydrated through a relaxing facial specifically designed for you. This includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask, and moisturizer.

Cosmeceutical Facial

Start treating skin conditions like aging, acne pigmentation, dehydration, and sensitivity with quality cosmeceutical ingredients specifically chosen for you.

Skin Couture Facial

Experience the ultimate and decadent 90-minute anti-aging facial. This is a four-phase facial that uses advanced patented cosmeceutical ingredients rich in vitamins A, C, E, and AHA’s.

Body Treatments

Swedish Body Massage

Reduce tension and release muscle fatigue through a classic technique that uses long and flowing strokes that induces a relaxing and pampering experience.

Superficial Lymphatic Massage

Start removing toxins and improving circulation as well as assist with healing of scars, stretch marks, sinusitis, and more through a gentle massage that directly works on your lymphatic system.

Body Exfoliation and Hydration

Get your skin looking fresh and healthy by rehydrating and using dry body brushing followed by a pink Himalayan salt scrub and finished off with an intense hydrating body moisturiser.

Body Exfoliation with Fake Tan Application

Give your skin a confidence-boosting glow through a hydrating body scrub followed by the application of fake tan.


Achieve greater feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing through Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. “Universal life force energy” or Reiki treats your whole person including your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Ear Candling

Clean out accumulated wax in your ears through a painless, harmless, and very relaxing ancient remedy. This also includes a Superficial Lymphatic Massage to your face.


Experience our premium waxing service that uses high-quality Caronlab wax products including pre- and post-wax products. We follow all health and safety regulations. Both females and males can combine:

  • Eyebrow
  • Nostrils
  • Lip or Chin
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Underarm
  • Full arm
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Bikini
  • G-string
  • Brazilian
  • Leg
  • Full body

Hands and Feet

Express Manicure

Quickly file and polish your fingernails.


Take care of your fingernails by getting a file, cuticle, massage, buff, and polish done.

Deluxe Manicure

Pamper your fingernails with a file, cuticle, exfoliation, massage, buff, and polish.

Express Pedicure

Get a quick soak, file, buff, and polish for your toenails done.


Indulge your toenails to a soak, file, cuticle, exfoliation, callous work, massage, and polish.


Enhance, shape, and define your brows as well as get fuller lashes with an:

  • Eyebrow tint
  • Eyelash tint
  • Lash & brow tint
  • Lash & brow tint and Eyebrow tint

Enquire now so you can enjoy the ultimate in tailor-made beauty treatments that will help make you look and feel refreshed and more beautiful.

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