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Hope Counselling & Psychotherapy

Georgina Anderson

2119 Geelong Rd
Ballarat VIC 3350


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Hope Counselling & Psychotherapy

Director of Hope Counselling & Psychotherapy Ballarat, Georgina Anderson understands that people who are in need are looking or a positive action plan and a way through their problems to make changes which have a positive impact and a real sense of hope in their situation. 

Hope Counselling & Psychotherapy - Georgina Anderson


Relationships & Marriage Counselling


If we are experiencing relationship or marriage issues, there can be a large amount of confusion and pain, and it can often be tough to cope with the other areas of our lives when we are struggling with issues with our partner.

Georgina is extremely passionate about working to re-establish hope and helping you create loving relationships! Georgina has more than 15 years of experience and is able to help with all kinds of relationship situations.

Issues including:


    • Premarital Course


    • Problems from childhood


    • Problems with power and control


    • Loss of Love


    • Sexual Problems


    • Marriage & Relationship Counselling


    • Poor communication anger management problems or verbal abuse


    • Relationship neglect, lack of intimacy


    • Affairs


    • Porn Addiction Problems

Parenting Counselling


It does not matter if you are parenting a child a child (birth-5), a child aged between (5-12) or an adolescent (12 and over) Georgina’s specialist expertise and knowledge in attachment and bonding will be a safe platform from which you are able to explore your relationship with your child and consider specific strategies for improving the relationship or resolving feelings, issues, and behaviours within it. Helping you and your child thrive!

Co Parenting in Separation & Divorce


For a child, divorce and separation can be stressful, confusing, and sad. At any age, children may feel angry or uncertain. With us Georgina provides a specialist assessment of your child’s needs followed by personally customised therapy which may include recommendations and/or parent coaching sessions. Georgina is committed to helping your child adjust to their new family situation and thrive once more.

Therapies include:


    • Parent-infant attachment consultations


    • Child-parent relationship therapy


    • Family therapy


    • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy


    • Attachment & bonding therapy


    • Parenting consultations and counselling


    • Trauma recovery psychotherapy

Counselling for Children & Adolescents


Throughout their formative years children and adolescents go through many of the same emotional issues as adults. Therapy is intended to help children with these social, emotional, or behavioural issues. Georgina is committed to providing the highest standard of psychotherapy services that draw from the best knowledge, practice, and expertise in adolescent & child development.

Treatment issues include:


    • Bonding and attachment issues


    • Sleep problems including night terrors and bed wetting


    • Dealing with changes in family roles and relationships (divorce, separation, step families)


    • Separation anxiety


    • Self-esteem, school adjustment and social skills

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