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Jennifer Beasley
17 Industrial Park Drv
Lilydale VIC 3140
Servicing area: Lilydale
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Focusing on the person, not just techniques.
With 28 years experience, Jennifer focuses on getting you to do life, - easier. Clinics in Melbourne ( Lilydale), and occasional Brisbane Cbd. Consultations to use your resources in a solution oriented way. Recuperate and recover from all kinds of conflicts. With a very strong focus for the individual, and not just using trained techniques, consulting adults, children and babies. Call for a free booklet. Mention this site and get 10% off your first session. visit my personal web sites for free info and e-news subscription. or Read articles through my archives on health, detoxification to vaccinations and homoeopathic alternatives on the free resources page.


Providing Neuro-Training, Naturopathy, Professional Kinesiology Clinic Treatments, Natural Therapies, Nutrition, Heavy Metal detoxification, Face Trait Reading, Hand Analysis, Diploma of Kinesiology, Diploma of Neuro-Training other Neuro-Training and Kinesiology classes.

The Benefits:

  • Learn easier
  • Have more energy
  • Release Stress
  • Personal growth
  • Find your identity
  • Sleep better
  • Recuperate faster
  • Clear pain, physical or emotional
  • Recover fully
  • Learn more through workshops, non kinesiology and kinesiology based
The Neuro - Training (NT) and Kinesiology approach used by Jennifer looks at unresolved stress reactions in a person and any elements that may inhibit you from excelling. To determine this many evaluative procedures are used. Jennifer identifies the patterns that inhibit your natural healing process. Jennifer encompasses a wide range of holistic health disciplines. This form of treatment trains your nervous system to work with all your other systems more congruently. The benefits are numerous. Generally, you perform better in anything you want to change or improve because you change the original references by breaking up old patterns and forming new ones. It re-trains you to use your resources and strengths. NT is a solution oriented healing modality.

Jenni will spend time taking a thorough history, listening, conduct evaluative examinations through muscle monitoring, an iridology assessment, a face trait reading and a hand analysis if appropriate. The underlying causes contributing to the conflicts are identified, and the most efficient and effective treatment determined.

  • Achieve desires for yourself, or for your children.
  • Clear Perception
  • Free Allergies
  • Feel Better
  • Adapt to changes such as a new job
  • changes in school
  • changes in family dynamics
  • in life such as menopause
  • or in relationships
Many people use the NT to improve the quality of their lives, their recuperation, their energy, their relationships, their finances and their careers.

Jennifer Beasley, a Neuro - Trainer, Naturopath with 28 years experience in Kinesiology, Neuro - Training, Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Personal Development, Teaching - typical challenging and special needs, Spiritual Growth, Perceptual Elevation and Emotional Stress release techniques. Travels to Perth, Gold Coast and Melbourne. Jenni assists you to resolve the 'conflicts' that present as 'challenges' to you. She will find ways for you to strengthen your talents and skills. This way you train to excel using the resources that you already have. A lot of the new options and training done is at a subconsious level. As a result you begin to achieve what you didn't think you could achieve. And it all comes from you, a very fulfilling experience.

You don't have to be sick to get better
You do not have to have a problem to get better with NT. NT does not just train you to get over a problem, its trains you to get past your problems and it works for any age.

What happens in a session?
Jennifer will check your systems using a change of muscle response. Muscle monitoring requires you to lay fully clothed on a massage table. To obtain a change of muscle response Jenni will ask you to extend an arm or leg and apply light pressure to it as you resist against that pressure. The muscle will lock firmly or unlock and give way under that pressure.

Throughout the session Jenni will investigate better options for you. The muscle monitoring determines what you need for change. It is not an educated guess by the practitioner. This leads to new ways of responding because your nervous system will have more options than previously. Other evaluative assessments are taken if necessary such as an iridological assessment for physical problems, a face trait reading for behavioural and emotional conflicts and a hand analysis for mental strategies and direction.

"Its a very non invasive way of moving forward for the young and the old"But it doesn’t end there. Observing and committing yourself to your training process is a part of the key to your success. Long after the appointment has finished the results and realizations are lived out.

Symptoms of Stress

Usually it’s a combination of all body systems (neurology) reacting to stress be it physical, emotional, psychological or energetic. Most of these 'stressors' we are not aware of. Sometimes we even inherit stress patterns. Over time these 'stressors' become harder for the individual to resolve without specialist help. As a result we begin to show all types of symptoms. Neurological Training assists with stimulating a person's neurology when using universal laws of healing, appropriate contextual references and new options for doing old patterns.

Stress reactions may show as an inability to sleep well, aching muscles, poor nutrition, toxicity, allergies, headaches, slow learning abilities, an inability to move on from a past experience or trauma, financial loss, career blockages, or other imbalances. Any of these symptoms can appear in people of all ages, including young children and babies. A stress reaction can show as different symptoms. Stress is our reaction to something. This reaction is different for every person. We can even inherit stress patterns that affect our behaviour. Neurological Training deals with all these.

The range of problems caused by stress is enormous. Everyone is confronted by stress on a daily basis. What may be stressful for one person may not be for another, but everyone faces stress of some kind or another. Kinesiology can verify this and the Neurological Training processes can change this.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the individual. Three treatments at least are mandatory to obtain a full understanding of your stress reactions and appropriate form of treatment. If you require more treatments, they may be spaced further apart, or used to review. You may continue to apply the training processes at home if appropriate. It will depend on your outcome and how much you want to excel.

Whatever the reason you embark on the Neurological Training and Kinesiology path, you can find it exhilarating, fascinating and fun. As a personal journey it can be a life changing experience. For professional study you will delight in the training as it becomes an exciting and fulfilling vocation.

Call for more information on private sessions or workshop trainings in Neuro - Training and Kinesiology.

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Qualification Details

Neuro - Trainer, Naturopath and Neuro-Trainer and Kinesiologist 28 years.
Face Trait Reader, Hand Analysis (Cheirology), Natural Therapist, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, essences, acupressure, lymph reflex massage, NLP, Life Coaching and Emotional Stress Release.
Diploma of Kinesiology, Diploma of Neuro-Training
Advanced Diploma in Education and Special Education.
Practitioner. Presenter of seminars and workshops throughout Australia and overseas.


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