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New Insights Therapy

Melinda Addington

Armadale WA 6112

Servicing area: Armadale and surrounds

New Insights Therapy

A personal journey that has a purpose, vision, values, strategy and goals.

New Insights Therapy

Gain New Insights into your personal journey.

Great for those that would like to improve their social skills, set goals, self expression in the creative process. Involves theraputic relationship.

ADD Together - Art therapy for those that have ADHD

Skill building - Using Art Mediums technique to improve behavior in the home and community - Focused on healthy diet, improving communication skills and improving Anger/fustration management, organising/planning/priotising, managing distractibility and reducing procastination. (Group Therapy)

Sensory Alert

Progress - Processing - Play - Coping Stratigies

For those with sensory processing disorder and want to engage in an theraputic setting to enhance their social skills and wellbeing. (Group Therapy)



Qualification Details

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Transpersonal Art Therapy Specialization)

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New Insights Therapy