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New Step Podiatry

If your child has been complaining about foot pain or tripping more often, a podiatrist has to see them as their health could be in serious danger.

Diabetes Foot Risk Assessment & Children’s Podiatry

Foot Care During Diabetes

If you’re diagnosed with diabetes or any other chronic illness, you are more at risk for developing foot problems which may lead to poor circulation, severe pain, ulcers, or worse, amputation. Our comprehensive foot assessment, treatment and preventive care here at New Step Podiatry in Florey ACT ensure the health of your feet. 

To determine the best treatment plan, we will conduct a thorough diabetes foot risk assessment and identify possible foot conditions linked to the disease or other chronic illnesses. From there we will develop a skin and toenail treatment plan to prevent pressure ulcers.

We may also prescribe orthotic therapy to address certain types of foot pain and issues. After our treatment, we are going to take you through a self-care routine that includes steps to choosing the proper footwear, managing diabetes and pressure ulcers.

Diabetes Foot Risk Assessment

During this stage, we are going to examine you for possible nerve damage, poor circulation, skin and toenail issues. In addition, your foot reflexes, nerves and sensory functions will also be thoroughly checked. 

Aside from that your foot pulses will be analysed, your blood flow will be assessed with  ultrasound scanning, and your arterial circulation will be measured through an ankle brachial index apparatus. You will also undergo a toe analysis.

Your joints, posture, manner of walking and foot shape will also be thoroughly assessed. If you have a referral from your medical doctor, we will forward our assessment results to them.

If you are at greater risk of acquiring foot problems due to diabetes, you need to see your podiatrist at three times a month. On the other hand, if you’re not experiencing any pain, you may set an appointment at least once a month. 

Children’s Podiatry

A child’s feet and legs may be susceptible to a range of ailments as they grow. Early intervention will help prevent the potential development of any lower limb conditions.

Your child should immediately see a podiatrist the moment that they complain about pain in the feet, ankles or legs. Other telltale signs of dysfunctional feet are tiptoe walking, intoeing or walking with the toes facing inwards, flat feet, frequent tripping, uneven footwear and difficulty in fitting shoes.

Podiatry assessment will greatly improve the structure of your child’s feet and spare them from acquiring more serious conditions in the long run. A podiatrist helps treat and prevent the following foot problems:

  • Flat feet
  • Heel pain
  • Tiptoe walking
  • Outtoeing or penguin walk
  • Reoccurring ankle rolls 
  • Intoeing 
  • Pain in foot, ankle, leg, knee and thigh
  • Generalised hypermobility
  • Tripping or stumbling
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Pain in the leg muscles
  • Bunions
  • Bowed leg
  • Curly toes
  • Knocked knees
  • Warts

During the assessment, we will take your child’s medical history, identify the source of their pain, assess their range of movement and muscle strength, examine their posture and manner of walking, running and jumping.

We will also look into their footwear to ensure that it suits their activities and foot structure. After the assessment, we will provide your child with a personalised treatment plan and constantly monitor their progress.

We may recommend a specific footwear, an orthotic therapy, activity restrictions, or a stretching, strengthening and balancing exercise program. Our treatment plan will be based on the outcome of our assessment. 

Book an appointment and let’s work together to ensure your child maintains healthy feet and limbs.

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