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Nic Palmer I specialise in confidence and creativity coaching, helping people overcome the childhood dynamic of "be seen and not heard", and the subsequent problems this can create in adulthood, such as feeling unable to fully self-express and be creative. 

Qualified energetic medicine practitioner.

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Australia wide (in person or over the phone/online)

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Telehealth Overwhelm Public speaking Energetic medicine Creativity Vision

Were you told to sit down and be quiet over and over again as a child either at home or school? Perhaps you were even yelled at all the time for doing things that were not approved of by your parents or caregivers? This kind of treatment can leave deep scars on your self esteem and make you feel unworthy of true love and acceptance. I know firsthand, and I've come a long way on my journey of reclamation of my creative expression and personal confidence. I once shyed away from ANY public speaking - now I perform live art shows, host events and coach people. I want to help you move through any debilitating patterns and help you be fully expressed creatively or otherwise, as yourself! 


"What Nicci Palmer can do in one hour is astonishing!!!
- guilt around accident - gone 
- fear/worry around safety - gone 
- daily overwhelm - gone 
- feeling out of control - gone 
- closure around a relationship significant in my life - gone 
- healing around the loss of my dad - gone
- feeling the weight of my family on my shoulders - gone"
- Stephanie Hess, CEO at ForwardPath, California 


"Nicci helped me open the door to a place where I felt my creativity flow freely and where I could access my family of spiritual guides, and deeper, more ancient/future parts of myself. She provided a very rich experience and showed me the depth of her gifts as a healer, teacher, guide and awakener. I have no doubt that a person’s life could turn around to face amazing new possibilities and uncorked creativity by working with her.” – Molly Hansen, 2019.


If you want to overcome your terror, fall in love with your story and become genuinely confident to express yourself creatively - maybe like you once did as a child? Or even for the first time? Then let's talk.


I'm offering free 20-minute energetic medicine for creativity and confidence sessions. Here's what we'll cover:

- I'll answer any questions regarding "energetic medicine"

- We will establish exactly what your core wounding is (is it the "be seen and not heard" dynamic or something else?), then discuss steps you can take to overcome this, including how you are going to unleash your creative expression moving forward.

- You'll leave with a much clearer vision for yourself of how you are going to express yourself from now on - feel super inspired!


I look foward to connecting with you,




Visit my website: (free gift available that can help you open up your creative potential instantly).

Instagram: Nic Palmer Art

Book your free, no obligations, 20 Minute Energetic Medicine for Creativity and Confidence session with me today! I can't wait to talk and help you get rocking! 

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