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No matter you age, we here at Northside Osteopathy can provide you the best Osteopathic Care. Call today for more information or to discover the benefits to your health.

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What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that sees the body as a unit integrated in mind, body and spirit. At Northside Osteopathy we take the time to listen and our aim is to promote your wellbeing through the healthy function of the musculo-skeletal system.

Why Come & See Us?

We treat people not conditions. It is our belief that through comprehensive treatment we can balance tensions and misalignments to boost your body’s natural ability to defend, repair and remodel itself leading to excellent health!

Northside Osteopathy is an established general osteopathic practice located in Brisbane, which has helped patients of all ages – from babies to the elderly – lead happier, healthier and pain-free lives!

What Do We Do?

We use a holistic approach to healthcare and see every patient as a whole person in terms of mind, body and spirit. Our treatment is safe and non-invasive and will help you overcome pain or imbalance by restoring balance to the structure and function of your body.

Most of our business is through word of mouth as happy clients tell friends and family about the benefits of osteopathic treatment.

Our clinic is situated in a centre with remedial massage and acupuncture specialists, so you also have convenient access to other types of health professionals as required.

Osteopathy For Babies

You might be surprised to hear that osteopathy for babies is even needed as we tend to think of babies as being free from structural stresses or strains in their newborn bodies. However, the birth process can be quite traumatic.

Osteopathy For Children

Physical stresses a baby is subjected to can eventually lead to behavioural problems as a child if they’re not sorted out. Problems may occur in developmental reflexes, hand-eye coordination and concentration, which may affect the child’s learning process.

Osteopathy For Adults

At Northside Osteopathy we aim to reduce the symptoms and treat the cause of pain to improve your general health, wellbeing and quality of life! Adults come to us for so many different reasons – workplace stress, poor posture, sports injuries or injuries from childhood.

Osteopathy For Athletes

Athletes put their bodies through extra stress and require their bodies to run at optimal performance levels. Injury is also a natural consequence of a competitive sporting life. Sometimes the effect is immediate, at other times multiple injuries can cause chronic conditions.

Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Many mums-to-be have told us they find our osteopathic treatment a blessing for reducing back pain during pregnancy and preparing the baby for birth. Although osteopathy in pregnancy is not new, many mums-to-be are unaware of its healing potential.

Osteopathy For The Elderly

How many times have you heard: ‘It’s just your age.”? Yes, age does play a factor in basic wear and tear but Northside Osteopathy do not believe that you should put up with stiffness and the pain of arthritis.

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