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Nutritional Microscopy

Nutritional Microscopy

Your iris tells a lot about your overall health. It can reveal the state of your health due to nutritional deficiencies, stress, chemical imbalances or environmental factors. Find out what the colour and pattern of your iris mean & what you can do if they indicate a health problem.

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Nutritional Microscopy in Coolbellup, Western Australia, uses iridology, which is a comprehensive examination of the iris to determine whether you have a healthy or unhealthy body constitution.

The iris reveals the body's inherent weaknesses, levels of health and transitions. An iridologist can tell whether a person's health is in good shape or at risk based on the density of their iris fibres, patterns, structures, colours and degrees of light and dark. Iridology also reveals the relative locations of tissue and organ experiencing excess activity, toxicity, irritation, injury or degeneration.

Using iridology as a diagnostic tool

Iridology is the science of studying the human body's health through the iris. The iris serves as a window into the entire body, allowing us to identify and pinpoint ailments and diseases. It also reveals our genetic patterns as well as our psychological tendencies. As a result, the iris is a valuable source of information revealed through its signs, patterns and colours.

Iridology does not diagnose diseases, but rather provides information about the body's tissues that signifies propensity towards certain conditions, often before symptoms appear. Iridology cannot detect parasites nor can it  indicate the presence of gallstones or germs. It can, however, reveal the presence of inflammation and intoxication.

The eyes function as body mirrors, recording the state of various organs and tissues. Iridology has the potential to be an important part of preventive health care. It can forewarn about possible signs of illness. Iridology is a powerful tool for determining what is going on inside the body from an external perspective that is simple, painless and inexpensive.

How iridology contributes to a healthy lifestyle

Naturopaths like Marijo consider nutrition and iridology as inseparable as both work hand in hand in developing a comprehensive healthcare program that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Marijo can show you how poor nutrition and lack of exercise ruin the body's integrity to the point where it is unable to reverse harmful toxic conditions through its own self-healing mechanisms, leaving it vulnerable to chronic diseases. ​

Through iridology, she can help you understand your weaknesses so that you can strengthen and cleanse your body to achieve your full health potential.

Make an online appointment with Marijo or contact her if you have any questions regarding iridology.

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