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Nutrition At A Glance

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Nutrition At A Glance

Nutrition At A Glance

Welcome to Nutrition At A Glance

Nutrition At A Glance provides Australian Food & Beverage Outlets with the full nutritional content of their recipes. This information can be either printed on your existing menu (through your current print provider), as an additional insert to your existing menu (see examples) or on your website.

Such dedicated Food & Beverage Outlet owners can now show your clientele that you care about their health & food choices. Australian Food & Beverage Outlets wish to be seen at the forefront of social expectations with regards to legislative rulings on providing clientele with nutritional information.

Why take up this service?
  • Provide transparency to your customers
  • Take a pro-active approach to upcoming legislation. ACT NOW before legal recommendations are brought into the industry to make nutritional content compulsory
  • Use your socially-responsible actions as a marketing campaign to rise above your competitors

Healthy Menus

Tips on How to Make Healthier Menus:

We at Nutrition At A Glance are all about helping you, the food outlet provider satisfy your customers needs. One of those needs is to understand what they are eating.

So, how do you go about making your recipes healthier?
  • Use Fresh/Local & in-season ingredients.
  • Use non-stick cook-ware or pans & a spray of olive-oil, rather than oil or butter in your cooking.
    Try 70% reduced fat butter/margarine.
  • Include condiments, oils, dressings as on the side options, or have a condiments bar/table so customers can add these items if requiredthis will reduce your base menu & decrease the cost of these standard ingredient items.
  • Use yoghurt (e.g. No-Fat Vanilla, Plain or Greek Yoghurt) [try Black Swan or Tamar Valley] instead of cream. If cooking, add yoghurt at the end so your sauce wont curdle.
  • Use egg whites, or 1 whole egg & 4 egg whites instead of whole eggs.
  • Try apple/peach/pear/apricot or vegetable purees such as pumpkin or carrot instead of olive oil in baking.

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