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Oasis Natural Health Centres Offers Massages and Body Work Guaranteed to Make You Look and Feel AMAZING!

Oasis Natural Health Centres - Massage

Focus areas

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Relaxation/Aromatherapy Massage (60mins/90mins) - $90/$120

Treat your senses to a personalised formulated aromatic blend designed to calm your mind, and relax your body. Ideal for those wanting a little more than a relaxation massage, but a “mind massage” as well.

Remedial Massage (60mins/90mins) - $90/$120

This deep tissue massage is designed to relieve you of stiffness and stubborn muscle aches. It works by using deliberate strokes to stimulate the blood supply so toxins stored in the muscles are removed, and sore, tight muscles able to relax again.

Lymphatic Drainage (60mins/90mins) - $90/$120

This massage treatment uses pressure points and aromatherapy to clear blockages in the lymphatic system. Ideal for those suffering from fluid retention, or those seeking a boost to their immune system to restore vitality.

Sports Massage (60mins/90mins) - $90/$120

Overworking those muscles? This specialised massage will help keep your body toned, strong – and looking fit! Ideal for the sporty kind, and those with activity related stress stored in their muscles and body.

Deep Tissue Massage (60mins/90mins) - $90/$120

Deep Tissue Massage focusses on using slower, deeper massage pressure to manipulate and realign deeper layers of muscles and soft tissue in the body. This massage is well suited in treating chronically tight and contracted areas of the body.

Pregnancy Massage (60mins/90mins) - $90/$120

Gentle massage techniques are used to help release tension stored in the body from the pressures of pregnancy, helping mothers-to-be connect with their beautiful baby. Ideal for soon-to-be mothers or as a real “I love you” treat from friends and family!

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