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Ocean Shores Health & Kinesiology

Ocean Shores Health & Kinesiology

Ocean Shores Health and Kinesiology

Welcome to Ocean Shores Health & Kinesiology

We are a clinic offering practical strategies and methods for health and wellbeing. Situated in Ocean Shores.

About Paritosho

Paritosho Rowe (Pari) has been a practitioner of natural therapies for two decades. She specialises in Kinesiology, Remedial Massage and Flower Essences and is a qualified teacher of Cert IV in Basic Kinesiology practices.

Pari has also worked in the community health sector for a decade, with the aged and people living with disabilities. This has provided us with extensive experience in health and an interest in discovering ways to enhance flexibility, improve movement and improve your mental and emotional outlook.

Pari is also able to provide you with strategies to help you to maintain good health and vitality. She enjoys working with individuals of all different ages to help to eliminate the blockages and the stresses which prevent them from achieving:
  • Wellbeing and Health
  • Happy and fulfilling relationships
  • Purpose and direction in life
  • Success at work
  • A sense of wellbeing in all aspects of life.


“I recommend Paritosho’s Kinesiology and Remedial Massage clinic to everyone. As an enthusiastic recipient of Paritosho’s sessions I have experienced the powerful results assisting me at various life changes. In addition to each therapy session, Paritosho has been able to incorporate many valuable healing supports. An example of such support is Australian Bush Flower Essences and quality GNLD nutritional products which were tailored to my needs. Paritosho has synthesized many years of dedicated study and research to provide evolved healing work. I highly recommend you book a consultation to receive the benefits of Paritosho’s sessions.” Adela Melinz- Sydney

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