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Member since 2004

Oceans of Energy

Lyn Gough

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Oceans of Energy is a health and healing wellness clinic, that integrates the best of Nutritional Science and Natural Medicine to bring you and your family back to health

About Lyn Gough at Oceans of Energy

Natural holistic healthcare for the whole family

Oceans of Energy in Neutral Bay, is a Naturopathic Health and Wellness Centre that offers a range of Homeopathic treatments & testing services.

Our primary practitioner Lyn also offers a range of additional services including; live blood screening, bio impedance analysis, salivary hormone testing, hair, tissue and mineral analysis, pathology testing and iridology examinations. A range of remedial, sports and pregnancy massages are also available, as well as professional facial treatment.

Call Lyn on 0414 603 903 to organise your next appointment

About Me - Lyn Gough

Way back when I was a mother of four young children, I had a burning passion to enter the naturopathic world of healing. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help people empower themselves again. In those days I had to complete my Diploma of Remedial Massage before even thinking of becoming a Naturopath. At first I saw this as a setback but soon realised what a wonderful gift it was, to have the opportunity to assist my clients in a physical way. I enjoyed a wonderful remedial and sports massage career whist continuing my studies to become a Naturopath.

Massage enabled me to access, only in certain conditions, states of spiritual awareness for my client and myself. The highlight of my massage career was volunteering for the Sydney Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2000 as a sports massage therapist. The friendships I made and the insights gained from the athletes are very dear to me.

A word about healing:

"I believe that there is room for all types of healing. The medical framework is set up, ideally, for acute conditions. Those requiring immediate intervention. Yes, antibiotics have their place. Surgery and the many forms of testing are testament to today's technological efforts in healing.

The naturopathic and alternative health industry to me, is the softer but no less effective form. It is invaluable in healing chronic conditions. Together these two types of healing cover the spectrum of true healing.

It is my passionate wish, that in some way, we can bring all forms of healing together, under the one roof, for all to access, for all to afford."

- Lyn Gough


"I didn't believe anything would shift my weight. I don't eat salad. 16 Kgs later I feel great. I loved it. Thanks Lyn."
- Wayne. Manly

"Unbelievable, they work. Do it."
- Sally P. Mosman

"When Lyn suggested I try the hCG drops I was sure I wouldn't survive on such few kilojoules but I was determined to give it a try. After only a few days I was surprised to see that not only could I cope with the small calorie intake but my weight loss was immediate and kept coming off. I didn't need any will power and I felt I was on a bit of a high. I would recomend them to anyone."
- Jenny. Frenchs Forrest Sydney

"Wow, never thought it possible. Not only drop down to my ideal weight but keep it off, no gain since finishing your hCG protocol (12 months now). I must admit, it was easier to lose the weight than hold steady this past year. No way I'm going back though so I keep an eye on the the scales and there's always the belt notch test to keep me on track."
- Andrew Newport Beach Sydney

"Great experience, never hungry, tons of energy and fast effective results. Finally something that works. I was amazed how full I felt on such few calories. It changed my life and taught me good eating habits."
- Verena Narrabeen Sydney

For more information about any of the professional Naturopathic treatments that Lyn provides or to organise your next appointment, just give her a call today or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below to talk to her instantly

Qualification details

Diploma Of Remedial Massage
Advanced Diploma Of Naturopathy
Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine
Accredited member of the (ATMS) Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd - No: 6007

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