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Daniela Laucht

Oneness Yoga Space

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Oneness Yoga Space

Focus areas

Motivation Wellbeing Fitness Joy Arthritis Pranayama

Ready to focus, release, strengthen and heal?

Oneness Yoga Space is intended to be a space for every individual, for every story, for every journey. It is intended to be a space for everybody - the individual and the community. It is a space that focuses on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing through kindness, community, yoga and fitness. It is a space to grow, nurture, share, inspire, support, heal, guide and transform. It is where you can find space, create space and explore space.

Whether you want to develop a personal home practice, recover from injury, strengthen your body, practise in a small group- setting or organise classes for your company or school - Oneness Yoga Space caters for every individual.

Let's go on this journey together - step by step.


Daniela's yoga journey began several years ago when she found herself attending a fully packed yoga class. Feeling intimidated, unable to breathe properly and sore after the class, she decided that yoga was not suitable for her. Instead, she focused on keeping her physical body active, and dived into various indoor and outdoor activities, later undergoing training in the area of fitness and wellbeing.

After being diagnosed with early onset arthritis and feeling increasingly restless and overwhelmed with her fast-paced surrounding, Daniela found yoga slowly making its way back into her life. A regular, breath- centred personal yoga practice provided a much needed anchor during challenging times. Yoga brought presence and calmness, focus and clarity, improved sleep, deeper relationships and eventually, a fully recovered body, helping her enjoy living life to the fullest.

Having experienced the powerful and transformational benefits of yoga for herself, Daniela's curiosity for this ancient philosophy grew and she eventually completed a teacher- training course. To deepen her knowledge further, she went on to study with the much respected teacher and former president of Yoga Australia, Michael de Manincor of The Yoga Institute, who had trained in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya. This unique approach of non-standardised teaching caters for every individual's needs, personal circumstances and goals.

An eternal student, Daniela is keen to continuously expand her knowledge. She is currently studying Yoga Therapy at The Yoga Institute. With her own personal journey, kindness, compassion and infectious enthusiasm, Daniela makes the experience of yoga real, authentic and accessible to everyone. She believes in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and provides a non-judgemental, caring and inspiring space for people's unique differences and individual journeys.

Yoga Classes

Yoga & Tea with Dani

Classes are suitable for all levels of practice.

Each class runs for 75 minutes plus 15 minutes of complimentary tea time.

Classes will:

Strengthen, detox and balance your physical body through gentle asana practice
Calm and focus your busy mind by introducing pranayama techniques and meditation
Open your heart and nurture your soul by uniting the body, mind and breath
Connect with others over a cup of complimentary tea at the end of each class


"Unwind the Mind" Tuesdays (starting on the 2nd of May)

5.30pm - 7.00pm // 7.30pm - 9.00pm

"Flow to Slow" Saturdays (starting on the 29th of July)

8.30am - 10.00am // 10.30am - 12.00pm


$10 First Class Special
$22 Casual Drop-in
$105 Five Class Pass
$199 Ten Class Pass


Loft & Earth , 70 Bronte Rd,
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Private Yoga

Do you want to be able to practise at home or at your favourite spot and develop a personal yoga practice that you can do any day, anywhere?

Private yoga sessions are designed according to the physical, mental and emotional state of the individual. This program starts with a thorough consultation where we discover and unfold your own individual story and establish your personal goals. You will then be given two yoga practices to choose from as a start and learn about various tools and techniques to modify, tweak and go beyond so you can build a practice that’s unique to you.

Corporate Yoga

Want to increase your staff's motivation, focus and wellbeing?

Book a corporate yoga/ meditation class and look after your staff member

Yoga for School Teachers

As a school teacher, Daniela knows how dedicated teachers are to the health and wellbeing of their students. Teachers are doing an incredible job and invest a lot of time and energy to care for and support their students as they want them to feel happy, confident and empowered.

But what about the teachers? Who takes care of their health and wellbeing?

Book a yoga/ meditation class for teachers and look after your staff members so they can better look after their students. For further information, please get in touch.

Yoga for teachers offers yoga classes at school, specifically designed for teachers. During a 60 minute yoga class, we will calm down, open and relax our body, regain focus and re-energise.

Personal Training

Personal training can be delivered at your home or in Centennial Park/ Queen's Park. Training sessions are tailored according to the needs of the individual. I mainly use body exercises and some easy training equipment so that you feel inspired and empowered to continue your fitness journey eventually without me. Get in touch today to discuss your personal needs and goals.

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