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Open Connections Wellness Clinic

Rachael Dunn

19 Emma St
Holland Park QLD 4121

Servicing area: Holland Park, Brisbane QLD

Open Connections Wellness Clinic
Open Connections Wellness Clinic - 26 years
Kinesiology Hypnotherapy Counseling Naturopathy NLP
Holland ParkWest, Brisbane.

About Open Connections Wellness Clinic


Open Connections Wellness Clinic

We are here to support you in your journey forward.  We expect after visiting our clinic you will feel relaxed, optimistic, aware, motovated!

clear ANXIETY Depression SLEEP SOUNDLY, feel free, CALM & SECURE, mental clarity, ENERGY,

let go of the past.....patterns, blockages, emotional mental pain, illness, find solutions

Experience flow and ease, natural confidence in all relationships, career, health – whatever is important to you.


About Open Connections

We have been in the healing industry for over 25 years. Our clients benefit from our clinical experience, knowledge and true compassion and understanding.

We never judge - people are not their behaviours!


Our Therapeutic Approach

We believe whole-heartedly in our clients’ inner strengths and capabilities - we all have innate resources and unique talents. 


KINESIOLOGY - return to a state of balance and reconnect with your life force

NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) - change your mind and change your life!

HYPNOTHERAPY -  RELAX Lose Weight - Quit Smoking - Enhance Your Performance at Work - Break the Chains of Addictions!

NUTRITION - uncover common food myths for true vitality and health

NATUROPATHY - support through herbs, vitamins, minerals, essences.

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