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Open Connections Wellness Clinic

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Connect with the strength and purpose of your hearts wisdom, confidence and joy. Release all stress, and internal conflict to discover a life filled with calm, clear direction and energy. Open Connections Wellness Clinic - On-Line and Holland Park.

Kinesiology, Transformational Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Mediation, Naturopath - empower yourself wi

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On-line and Holland Park, Brisbane

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Love Habits Addiction Anxiety Relaxation Purpose



Open Connections Wellness Clinic

Step into our sanctury where we offer a diverse range of modalities designed to nuture your mind, body and spirit.

Services include Kinesiology to restore balance and vitality by allievating stress from the whole system.  Muscle Monitoring can identify deep imbalances and assist in creating personalised corrections for achieving physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Our Transformative Counselling offer a supportive space for personal growth and emotional resiliance while overcoming fear, anxiety. 

We include NLP Mastery techniques and Timeline Therapy (TM) that are designed to assist you in achieving personal and professional success by enhancing communication skills transforming thought patterns including limiting beliefs, lack of motovation and behaviour patterns to unlock your full potential. 

Hypnotherapy is a natural dreamlike state of relaxation that assists with clearing fears, anxiety and phobias, enhancing performance, changing habits while suggesting positive attitudes and behaviours in a wide range of areas.   

Complementing all of this is our resident Naturopath Carmel Donovan here to support you by creating stunning personalised herbal medicines, and natural remedies including flower essences, vitamin and mineral therapies to balance hormones, increase immunity and support health, wellness and vitality.

Mediation or Conflict Resolution we support and assist you and your partner / friend to understand whats really at the heart of a conflict. We then work together to find a mutually beneficial resolution fostering harmony and understanding and equality.



About Open Connections

With a commitment to our clients that spans over two decades we have been providing our clients with a unique blend of clinical expertise, extensive knowledge and genuine care for over 25 years.  




Our Therapeutic Approach

We empower our clients to tap into their inner knowingness, confidence, strengths and capabilities.  In our supportive environment free from time pressures and outside influences we can reconnect to our peace and clarity allowing us to thrive and progress in life.




0405 06 9695

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Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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