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Barbara Jamesson

Helping you Become the Best You can Be Through Health, Wealth and Harmony

Optimal Life Centre

Servicing area

Kenmore, Mount Crosby, Caloundra, Bribie Island, QLD

Focus areas

Conflict resolution Vision Telehealth Business Focus Communication

We are a clinic with a focus on Life Optimisation and Balance.  We work with you to optimise the main three areas of your life namely Health, Wealth and Harmony.  We call it the Life Optimisation Quotient.  Our focus brings together the energetic healing practices of Touch for Health and kinesiology through to the practical communication, conflict resolution and assertiveness techniques to build long and lasting harmonic relationships. We also train and educate our clients to understand and apply leading edge protocols, techniques and practices, for effective self-optimised outcomes.  We help you take more control of your life experience.

Our techniques include:


    • Kinesiology,


    • Neurolinguistic programming,


    • EFT,


    • Timeline therapy,


    • Personality profiling,


    • Conflict resolution, and


    • Relationship management programs

Our workshops include:


    • Touch for Health 1 (2days)


    • Touch for Health 2 (2days)


    • Touch for Health 3 (2days)


    • Touch for Health 4 (2days)


    • Kinesiology for Kids (3.5 hrs)


    • Kinesiology for Animals


    • Better Vision


    • Better Eating & Nutrition – using Kinesiology


    • Assertiveness and Communication (1 day)


    • Relationships with personality (1 day)


    • Neuro-linguistic programming introduction


    • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (1 day)


    • Flower Essences for your life (1 day)


    • Business Speaking and presentations (2 days)


    • Life Balance and harmony (2 days)


    • Holistic Money management (2 days)

Our practitioners are highly qualified with studies and qualifications including:


    • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy,


    • Registered Specialist Kinesiology


    • Graduate Diplomas in:


    • Education,


    • Sustainability,


    • Neurolinguistic Programming,


    • Kinesiology,


    • Touch for Health


    • Instructional and Training Skills


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8 Services

Naturopathy consultation

$85 Per session

Personal individual regular consultation

Initial consultation

Energy Healing Life Coaching Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Naturopathy
$160 Per session

First time consultation with new patient or new condition. Includes information gathering and review of relevant test results


  • Massage Therapist
  • Qualified Naturopath
  • Master Practitioner -life Coaching
  • Registered Lvl 5 Kinesiologist
  • Dispute Resolution Specialty

Professional Membership

  • ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association
  • Australian Kinesiology Association