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Signs of Abundance

Soul Realignment Intuitive Spiritual Guide Readings, Accessing Akashic Records, Quantum Healing Hypnosis in Cairns, Palm Cove, Port Douglas and Atherton Tablelands area, Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression Therapy Meditation Teacher Psychic Energy Healer Chakra Balancing

Signs of Abundance

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Loneliness Clinical hypnotherapy Regression therapy Stress Management Life path Hypnotherapist

Tara is a specialist in: *Soul Regression Readings (Akashic Records) for realigning your soul back to its original karmic blueprint, eliminating all blocks and restrictions that hold you back from your true divinity. This can be done over the phone or online. *Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Level 2 Practitioner (QHHT) Past life Regression, Soul Regression, Accessing Past Lives, Regression Therapy for current life in order to get to the root cause of your current life issues, health problems, bad habits, fears and blocks and restrictions. * Clinical Hypnotherapy. Tara is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and uses her expertise in her therapies.* Tara is also an Energy Healer and Qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and will or may use these modalities and meridian tapping EFT in her sessions. As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, her amazing Soul Readings will align your soul to your true divinity, free from blocks and restrictions, to clear your Akashic Records in the 5th Dimension, so that you can align yourself back to your true divinity, your higher purpose, free from the blocks and restrictions. It is the perfect new years resolution and clients usually come to do these clearings right before they go on a health kick or weight loss program and if they wish to completely clear the old karma and baggage out the back door. Soul Readings with Tara are life changing and are done in order to:* remove the negative effects of baggage from the past* get off the wheel of bad karma* start a clean slate and start making positive choices, better decisions* stop making negative choices, bad decisions* start becoming more 'conscious' of the negative choices you are making* become aware of the negative karma that has been following you around so that you can start making more positive choices to eliminate them* understand who you are at soul level so that you can start making decisions that align with what you truly want* for healthier thought patterns* start a new weight loss program so that you can have a healthy body. A healthy soul is the first step to a healthy body. Its a perfect idea to start a liver cleanse or detox too* start a new path to quit or stop smoking, alcohol or drugs * work on self love, loving yourself is the first step to having loving relationships in your life. As we cannot love others the way we should if we do not love ourselves first* improve the way you feel so that you can start thiniing positive and bringing more abundance into your life * improve the way you think so that you can change those negative thought patterns to more positive thoughts in alignment with the true 'you'* help you understand that it is 'you' who creates your own destiny. Your consequences are due to the choices 'you' have made. * remove the negativity of anger, hurt, suffering, sadness, grief, loneliness, frustration, blame, worry, stress from your karmic blueprint and start a clean slate, free from these blocks and restrictions. Because it is these blocks and restrictions that hold us back from making better decisions in life HYPNOSIS

Tara's style of 'hypnosis' specializes in long 5 hour sessions that get to the root cause of your issues. Guaranteed to remove your blocks and restrictions. This makes her sessions true value for money and she is extremely thorough and good at what she does. Just see the reviews at the bottom of the page or her website: signsofabundance.com.au

People come to Tara with not only a need to improve health, but also for Weight Loss, to remove negative blocks holding you back from your highest good, to quit smoking, release fears, for motivation to exercise, stop drinking too much alcohol, to worry less, stress less, to lose the anxiety and move forward on a new path away from depression from the past,

Tara is empowering women to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Her sessions in hypnosis are 5 hours long and are also designed to suit those needing Positive Thinking, Confidence Self-esteem, relief from Pain, Insomnia, Chakra Balance, Release Fears, Nail Biting & More

Tara specializes in Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Soul Realignment Readings and therapies, Past Life Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT trained by Delores Cannon in Past Lives), Clinical style Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Meditation and Mindfulness, Meridian Tapping (also known as EFT Emotional Freedom Technique).

Tara is also a Past Life Psychic and offers online Past Life Psychic Readings and may use these techniques in your session. This kind of therapy will pick up on your blocks and restrictions, explain why and where you hold these issues in your body and Tara will also give you a holistic healing remedy to move forward and free yourself from these limited limiting beliefs that hold you back from your highest good of prosperity and abundance. Online Psychic Readings of Soul and Akashic Records access start from $99. See

Signsofabundance.com.au and go to Past Life Psychic Readings on the top right of your screen for more information..

Tara has many 5 star review ratings/testimonials on her website, and some are available to peruse at the bottom of this screen. Please read them as you will see where she has changed the lives of many people with different disorders from pain to bad habits, disease and illnesses. Many people wishing to quit smoking or lose weight come to Tara and she also deals with a lot of people holding onto fears such as anxieties and depression. Helping clients shift anxiety and releasing their fears is what Tara does best and it is all about finding out the true ‘root’ cause of your issues. If we do not find the reason behind why problems keep coming up, they cannot be eliminated for good and often an issue may go away and another one start as the fear is still there. It is vital to find the fear, the origination of the fear, the reason behind the fear and it is then when we can release it in order to start living a long and healthy life, free from pain, disease, discomfort, smoking, bad habits, addictions, drug use, insomnia, weight gain or loss, anxiety, fear of flying, fear of public speaking. All of these issues Tara can fix in one four to five-hour session.

What is Hypnosis?

Tara also is a professional in Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very safe process and a natural state that a human goes into, in the mind. We naturally go into hypnosis just before we go to sleep and again, just before we wake up. Imagine driving down the highway and the hands free rings, you are now talking to the person on the phone, we are consciously aware of that person as you are having a conversation with that person. However subconsciously who is driving the car? Well, you are in the subconscious. Your subconscious mind is that powerful part of your mind that takes over to drive the car for you, automatically, like there is a part of your mind on autopilot, always. This is the powerful part of your mind that we access in hypnosis, the subconscious. To the point where the critical factor of your mind gets pushed aside allowing Mr subconscious through, that part of you that holds all of the knowledge about everything you have done, everywhere you have been, every limiting belief you hold, and every block, fear and restriction you are holding and how you adopted your fears. When you go to sleep every night, you pass through the hypnotic state, when you wake up, you again, move into the hypnosis pathway in order to reawaken. This is the part of the mind that we go to, in hypnosis. It is a very safe, natural way of finding out a lot of things about yourself in order to heal and move forward back on your path. In order to find out more about your true authentic self. Know that you are 100% safe as in my sessions, we always go to a place of ‘love’ which is a vibration completely opposite to your fears. Your fears are for example, a fear of the unknown, fear of failure, anger, frustration, grief, worry, stress. These are all examples of fears. So if you are holding onto any fears around hypnosis, this is your subconscious holding onto a limiting belief which is not at all healthy, because it is a fear. Trust the process, believe in yourself and you will easily go into hypnosis and know that you are always in control. I am just the guide taking you through a beautiful journey to reveal your limiting belief patterns, in order to heal you, to heal your life.

Why should I choose Hypnotherapy over other modalities?

Hypnotherapy is a natural state, like a memory bank hidden deep within our very inner mind. Everything you have done, everywhere you have been, every lesson you have learned, every decision you have made, every life you have lived, every person you have met, all of these are hidden deep within your subconscious mind. Your over soul, or higher self or subconscious, is used to get to the true source of your issues by finding the reasons why you do what you do, why we keep repeating negative patterns over and over. We do this because a negative belief or limiting confidence we have about ourselves is programmed into our subconscious, deeper mind from the past. Most of the time, it was originally put there in a past life and sometimes from childhood and trauma. The amazing and awesome attraction about hypnosis is that we can regress bac in time to when the problem started, finding it, grasping the issue and then eliminating the matter for good.

    • The reason why you can’t lose weight is concealed by a limiting belief you have about yourself.

    • The motive as to why you cannot quit smoking is hidden by a restriction you have about yourself that holds you back from being your highest decent. Why did you even start to smoke? That is the fear.

    • The reason why you are in pain, discomfort or have a disease.

    • The reason why you fear public speaking, concentration, water or even a phobia of spiders.

    • The cause of why you cannot motivate yourself to move forward in your career, or exercise.

    • The reason why you can’t sleep at night and have constant insomnia. Or perhaps you just have a bad memory.

    • The purpose of why you are nail biting or perhaps putting yourself down, lacking self-confidence or self-esteem.

All pain, discomfort, fears, stress, anxieties and limiting beliefs start at a spiritual level. Doctors are great in diagnosing the physical problem however finding the origination of that issue is a little more complicated and requires us to think outside the box. This is where hypnosis, energy healing and other modalities that I use to uncover the root cause of your issues, comes into play. I use not only hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and hypnosis in your program, but I will also and specialised in other techniques and I use energy healing, chakra balancing and meridian tapping and affirmation techniques in order to meet a holistic approach to uncover your deepest, darkest blocks and restrictions that hold you back. Using these other modalities will assist in uncovering your problems and then we release them in the session. This is all done in one 4 – 5 hours session. It truly is amazing. Once you leave you can then start your path to being the most authentic version of yourself that you came here to be. Because we are all here to find out who we truly are, that is our soul purpose.

It is also that part of us that is connected to something deeper, that is connected to source or god. Whatever you wish to call it. But know that using this technique only takes us to a place of 100% love which is far away from the fears you may be holding onto around hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

How would hypnotherapy or hypnosis work with me?

It is important to keep an open mind and come in with belief, trust in yourself and believe and trust in the system. Come in positive with a happy attitude and leave your limiting beliefs that it might not work behind. It is important to be ready to release all negativity and blocks out of your system and be ready to start moving forward, to start releasing the shackles that hold you back from being the most prosper, abundant, authentic version of yourself that you can be. You will get what you think about, so if you come in hesitant thinking it might not work, then it probably won’t. I you come in really wanting to be healed, then you will heal. Its that easy, just like the ‘Law of Attraction’ where like attracts like. If you think positive, then you will attract positive into your life. If you keep thinking negative then you will go around and around in circles without removing those limited beliefs that cause you to think negative. So, come in with a positive attitude, know that you can do it, trust and believe in yourself and start the path forward today!

How does it work?

A session will go from 9am through to around 2pm in the afternoon. Sometimes I have later sessions, subject to availability. Generally, your session will start in the morning. It is at least a 4 hour session. It involves me checking your chakra energy centres for blocks and restrictions, checking your energy field also for limiting beliefs, blocks and restrictions. Then we have a chat and I get to know you a little in order to find the answers to the questions you may have about your health, love life, relationships, past lives, career, money matters or finances and any other questions you have. Most questions you come in with will be answered in your session. Then we start the hypnotic process which also may involve energy healing techniques throughout the session in order to release your blocks, restrictions and limiting beliefs. Then at the end, I check your energy to make sure that you are cleared. Your session is also recorded and listening back to your session is part of the special healing process. It is important to take notes on your recording and start implementing the answers into your new healthy life regime.

Release of Fears, Worry, Anxiety, Confidence, Self Esteem, Positive Thinking, Insomnia and Depression

All of the above-mentioned issues are fears that we hold onto due to past and past life experiences. This I completely resonate with and it is a powerful session that will remove all of your blocks and restrictions around any worries, confidence and self-esteem issues, insomnia, fears (flying, spiders, snakes, the unknown, failure, public speaking, crowds, the water or ocean), anxieties, sadness, grief or depression. Based on your story, we will find out the root cause of your fears and then target the problem in its tracks. You will find out a lot about yourself, your true authentic self that you did not know. I was trained in regression therapy and this style of therapy is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique way of hypnotherapy by Delores Cannon. I may use other hypnosis skills I have learned as well as Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing and Meditation which may also brought into this session if required. Every person is different with a different story. Duration is approximately 5 hours.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program

I am a former smoker and I know exactly what a client thinks and feels when it comes to quitting the bad habit of cigarettes. My intention is the help smokers become non-smokers for life, for the rest of their life and to get their mindset ready to care about themselves more so that they can live a long and healthy life too. I focus on their motivation to quit as well as what their true authentic reasoning is as to why they started smoking in the first place. Most smokers will regress to past lives as this is generally where they picked up their bad limiting beliefs around themselves and why they started smoking in this life. Sometimes it will be their childhood too, everybody has their own story. I also incorporate energy healing into this therapy as well as EFT Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping Exercises to take the edge off the withdrawals. You will also receive a free meditation download to take home that can get you on your path to healing your body and help your body heal from the damage you have done to it, in this lifetime. It really is a powerful program that only takes 4 to 5 hours, one day. You do need to be ready to quit the habit for good want to be quitting smoking for yourself and nobody else. This program will only work if you are 100% ready to do it and if you are not you can come to me and do a regression session first where we will find out why you smoke, why you started, the true reasons why, and this will remove all of your blocks and restrictions. Then when you are ready, you can come back at a later date to do the Stop Smoking Program. Duration is approximately 5 hours.

Pain Relief, Weight Loss or Motivation to Exercise

This powerful session involves Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique where you will be regressed back in time to where the issue started. This session also involves other clinical Hypnotherapy skills, Energy Healing, Meridian Tapping (EFT Emotional Freedom Technique) where we can use positive affirmation whilst tapping on the meridian acupressure points in order to turn down the pain or change your way of thinking, so to speak. It really is a powerful session incorporating amazing modalities combined with your will to want to live a long and healthy life, pain, worry, stress and fat free because you start to think more positively, changing negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns and you start to make the unfamiliar, more familiar. If in your session, regarding pain, you discover that your pain is a karmic issue, then it simply cannot be removed (this is usually rare but I have had cases where people have wronged others in the past and inflicted pain upon others, and it is their chosen karma, they actually chose to have the pain in this life) however I can help manage the pain by teaching skills you will learn in this session. Duration is approximately 5 hours.

What if I cannot focus or visualize or if I hold onto too much fear around being hypnotised?

It is important to be able to focus in order to go into hypnosis. So, if you have any psychotic or schizophrenia traits then there is a good idea that you will not be able to focus enough for this kind of therapy. If you cannot visualize, then this probably is not for you and I recommend my alternative therapy to find out all of the information you need about your past life here below. I have hypnotized many people that have been to a hypnotist or hypnotherapist and could not be hypnotised by them. So please do not think that just because another therapist could not hypnotise you, then this would not work. You may not have subconsciously trusted that therapist or that therapist may not have been using the right techniques to suit you. Alternatively, if you wish to find out about your blocks, restrictions and past lives, read on further into my Psychic Therapy modality just below.

Finding your blocks and restrictions using Past Life Psychic Therapies, Soul Realignment:

Tara is also a Past Life Psychic specializing in Soul Realignment therapies. This is a special attribute that Tara has where she can tap into your Akashic Records (Soul Records) and find your blocks and restrictions this way. Just like everyone is different and can be differentiated by fingerprints, they too are all different in vibration. You will not vibrate at the same frequency as another person. As a result, by accessing your Soul Akashic Records through your higher self with Soul Realignment work, that higher part of you in the 5th dimension and above, Tara can read your soul and find out so much about you. A reading will involve Tara going into your records via meditation and her Akashic Records guides and finding out the issues, blocks and restrictions that you hold and then once found, giving you reasoning as to why you hold onto these fears, what happened in the past or past life/lives to hold onto these limiting beliefs or pain and discomfort and then Tara will give you remedy to work on in order to release the problems. It really is powerful and a different angle to approach the elimination of your blocks and restrictions. Tara will also be able to do a full Akashic Records Psychic Reading if required. Many people have these in order to find more about their true authentic selves, their soul history, their children’s true soul. It can really help parents in parenting the children, when they find out about their son or daughter’s true authentic soul traits and characteristics.

My background

I have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse from childhood, many anxieties and fears, poverty, as well as been a very heavy smoker and drinker. To the point where in my early twenties, I actually fell from two storeys and only managed to break my right wrist. I am obviously blessed with angel guidance as I am still here to tell the tale. I have also always had intuitive abilities from a young age. I no longer inflict negative things into my world, as I learned my lessons when I was going through traumatic times in my childhood and twenties. As a result, I now know that I chose those negative experiences in order to help others today. This is my true career path, using my skills and instinctual abilities to help others be the best version of themselves that they can be. Because if you have not done it, or experienced it, you are more than likely not as capable of helping others through their problems as someone that has experienced the exact issues that you are helping your clients with. I am no saint or Buddhist Monk, I still hold onto fears of my own that I am aware of and I am still working on every day. (It is a little hard for me to hypnotise myself however I have dealt with my own issues through many years of meditation and energy work). I am a Past Life Psychic Healer, Energy Healer, Chakra Healing Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner Level 2, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher to. I have awakened my experience to a Kundalini Awakening which brought me closer to my own spiritual awareness and psychic abilities that I have today. I am fortunate to have the abilities of a balanced left and right brain. The right being my very spiritual and creative side and he left, being analytical – I am a former Travel Agent, Tax Accountant and Financial Planner /Accountant too, where I used these careers which I studied very hard to achieve and have no regrets in dismissing. It is my studies at university in business and accounting that gave me the confidence to a whole new career change that I love today. I started a powerful spiritual journey into my thirties, where I learned to always listen to my intuition, to start making choices in my life that help myself and others. Since being on this amazing learning experience of reading many books, doing many courses, I have hit the ground running with a career on my spiritual path. I no longer stress or worry about what others think of me as my only concern is helping others. And this is what I am proud to be doing. I do not judge anyone that comes into my door and you can tell me anything and everything that you tell me is 100% confidential. I also understand the importance of being your true authentic self, and my combination of therapies help people every day get through their blocks, restrictions and negative limiting beliefs so they can start really turning inward, loving themselves more, focusing on what they have achieved, accomplished, what they are proud of, and what they are here on this earth to do, to live a long, healthy and abundant rest of their life. If you wish to know more about me or my qualifications on paper, go to my

website: www.signsofabundance.com.au
Phone: 0481 33 6666

Reviews and Testimonials for Past Life Psychic Readings (Akashic Soul Records and Realignment).

Further down is Reviews and Testimonials for Hypnotherapy and Healing, Face to face.

I had a past life reading and session with Tara. I was amazed at how good it went and how good Tara is. Thank you so much. I felt completely at ease.
***** Penny. S.

Amazing experience having a past life reading through Tara. She offered her time and presence to be fully in the moment enabling her to give such a detailed reading. All the things I wondered about over the course of my lifetime literally down to parallel experiences came through the reding. She is very knowledgable, accurate and simply genuinely intuitive during the reading. I highly recommend her for past life readings. It is one of the most remarkable experiences I have encountered with online readers. Her ability to passs information through is breathtaking and put me at ease and also verified my path which wasn’t always easy. Consider it a stepping stone to the life you tuly wish to live. Once again thank you so much.
***** Jodi. J.

Wow, what a reading. You have accurately described my healh issues in detail. I hae recently had surgery for the exact issue you have described and you picked up on my struggle with anxiety. I am excited now to start the exercises. Thank you.
***** S. Bell.

Absolutely spot on. Since getting this reading I have really been able to make sense of things. I have listened to your advice and have opened back up my intuition by using my cards again and listening to my guides again. I wish to say a heart felt thank you. Tara, this was amazing!
***** Karen. D.

Wow girl, you are the second person to track me to Atlantis! This was a beautiful reading and I do have a lot of phobias, spiders, yes, being the largest and I do fear money. Even though I try to get past if money has always stressed me so bad. This also explains the reason I do not use tools. This was amazing! Thank you so much Tara.
***** Mistie. M.

O my gosh, thank you just isn’t quite right. Yup I don’t feel I worthy. Far out what can I say, thank you just isn’t right. Yes Atlantis I have been told I was there, very powerful and abused for those powers, helping the destruction some how with the crystals, glad to hear. I will work on the work you have given me, the releasing and vow thing and connecting back to ‘me’. Thank you Tara. Love and light to you too xxx
***** Kristy. K.

Thank you so very very much Tara. J. Clarke. This explains my deep connection to biblical times. My pain at any things that relate to the crucifixion of Jesus. I am very giving. I feel my soul is old. I do fear authority figures. Bless you, I have saved your reading.
***** Talitha. T.

Yay feels good to finally believe that I am worthy, this all totally resonated. Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. Tara picked up on my fear of rejection and I was adopted out as a baby and I have carried the spirit of rejection my whole life. I am trying to learn to love myself and know my worth. As recommended I will do the exercises to help with my healing. I cant believe you picked up on this as I actually suffer from severe psoriasis from my scalp to my toes! And yes I constantly draw abusive relationships in any different forms. I will definitely research the Mediterranean to trigger past life memories. Blessings to you and thanks for your insight Tara!
***** Amanda. V.

Reviews and Testimonials for Hypnotherapy and Healing, face to face sessions

Fantastic adventure, highly recommended! I had the fantastic adventure of a past life regression with the lovely Tara Clarke. It opened up a whole new world for me to learn from. Her dedication and knowledge enabled me to quickly regress to a past time and learn from that experience long forgotten. Highly recommended!
***** Steve. S.

Wow is all I can say! I’ve been to a number of hypnotherapists and wellness coaches in my life and being a coach myself, I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Tara as she is an amazing healer! Very intuitive, precise, and brings forth amazing results. Thank you so much Tara for your dedication, insight and heart xxx
***** D. Morris

Amazing experience! Came away feeling positive, energised, inspired and motivated. Thank you Tara.
***** C. Syrie

Tara has a different type of spiritual awareness that is harmony with her desire to improve ones journey to a better life style. With knowledge from her previous qualifications and combining this with a pat that Tara is following at this time in her own journey, I found she was able to stop my busy mind (monkey mind) and to really hear and focus on her words and requests. Tara is a wonderful person, right from the time that I entered into her practicing clinic, the clearings, follow up information, my journey and departure was noting but professional and a credit to her.
***** L. Mihaere

My first experience of hypnosis has been more than I ever thought it could be. Tara is incredible, I couldn’t recommend her enough. Tara lead me through a past life regression, she was delicate, gentle and persistent. I had an amazing result, it was an experience I will never forget. I will definitely do it again.
***** A. Luff

Tara is a very thorough, practical and compassionate practitioner. She is very keen to assister her clients in the best way possible for them to get the most out of their session. I recommend Tara to anyone who is looking for a positive and uplifting experience which will help put their life back on track.
***** Joe. P.

I have recently had a past life regression session with Tara. Even though I have had many similar sessions before, Tara prepared me for hers very professionally. In an introductory email, Tara explained that she would be using Dolores Cannon’s method of guidance to access my Akashic Records where my previous lives are archived. She included a link to Delores information about this method. Tara then advised me to think of a possible life that I would like to review and to prepare questions that I would like answered. As well as making a practical suggestion not to drink much before the session so it could be completed without physical interruptions. Tara made me very welcome before the session, she clarified my questions and put me at complete ease before starting regression. As a result, I was able to access a relevant past life quickl and with great clarity. After the session, I was able to confirm through the internet the two places I had lived in during that particular life. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Tara as a very competent and empathetic hypnotherapist that helped me to receive answers and guidance to my questions pertaining to this life.
***** Mira. M.

I highly recommend Tara, she is not only very skilful and knowledgeable but she makes you feel so comfortable before the session which for me was very important!
***** Mitch

My past life experience with Tara was amazing and inspiring. I had a feeling of total peace and awakening of spiritual enlightenment. I had visions of being an angel dressed in white, feeling so peaceful, without any material attachments. Ironically, this was my reasoning for coming to do the regression and all of my questions were answered. My loneliness healed as now I know that I am not alone. Tara managed to put me in touch with my parents who had passed over a few years ago, my parents were present with a total love of spirit. Thank you, Tara, for letting me go there, love and light.
***** Cherie. W.

I am not so much a spiritual person. This is not the kind of thing I would normally go for however I was holding back for one reason or another and Tara came highly recommended by a friend. I not only had all of my questions answered but I no longer have anxiety around people in authority, thanks to Tara’s amazing regression session. I certainly feel more at peace with myself, with my life lessons and it feels like a weight has been lifted. Thanks for an insightful experience, Tara you are amazing beyond any words.
***** Lincoln. T

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