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Servicing area: Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

Focus area: Dietary management Allergies and sensitivities Chronic Disease Management (CDM) ...

Want to attain your best potential in health and vitality no matter what your age or health history.... and do it naturally?

Maybe you are not finding answers or not feeling listened to and getting no-where with the methods you have tried.

Pascale gives you the time, care and professional expertise to co-create a health and wellness plan that best suits your unique and individual needs.

Pascale Richy Naturopath

Offering a free 1/2 hour introductory consultation to discuss the Naturopathic testing and treatment approach and how it can to help you.


"The bodies natural default state is one of wellness... everything in the body/system is interconnected and disease is evidence of imbalance, blockage or impairment in natural functioning."



  • Comprehensive in-clinic Naturopathy consultations, personalised to determine underlying causes of pathology or imbalance with treatment plan that will best serve your health goals.
  • Herbal Medicine 
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Functional Pathology and Stool Testing, Hair Mineral Analysis, Food Compatibility Assessment.
  • In-clinic physical assessments - iridology, tongue and nail analysis, zinc tally, body composition/biometrics, saliva & urine pH and external abdominal examination for digestive disorders.
  • Specialised dietary mentoring such as Keto Green, Auto-immune Paleo, Gut Inflammation, Gluten and/or Dairy free, GAPS, FODMAPS, SIBO, Vegetarian and Food Intolerances such as Histamines Salicylates and Lectins.
  • Herbal dispensary - tailor made herbal formulas for support of personalised therapy.
  • Convenient online patient ordering system for supplements and/or clinic order and pick up.
  • Online and Telephone consultations.
  • Cooking for Health and Vitality classes - one on one & small groups (content, duration and prices tailored to your needs. Quote on enquiry). 




Standard Initial Consultation - 90 minutes 
A comprehensive enquiry into your current health concerns and conditions, including physical signs and symptoms as well as emotional and lifestyle stressors, plus health history to help determine underlying patterns of imbalance. Naturopathic assessments such as iridology, tongue and nail analysis, saliva/urine pH and zinc status are also conducted along with standard physical examinations such as blood pressure, weight and body composition. Furthermore discussion and referral for functional pathology testing such as Hair Mineral Analysis, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Food Biocompatibility etc. will be covered according to your individual requirements. A preliminary treatment plan and prescription for herbs, supplements and diet/lifestyle recommendations will also be given to address acute and priority complaints. 
Cost $95 
(Note herbs/supplements at additional cost, see below)

Report On Test Results – 60 to 90 minutes
A follow up from the initial session where we will go over test results to determine the nature of your imbalance/pathology and the steps required to address it. This will include a short and longer term therapeutic plan with detailed herbal/nutritional prescription as well as more specifically targeted dietary and lifestyle interventions. In some cases a follow up Diet Session may be required to put in place meal plans and assist further education and understanding of a particular detailed process (ie: Anti-inflammatory diet, SIBO/Histamine or Ketogenic diet). You will be advised as to whether any follow up testing is required to further investigate findings, or after a set period of treatment to re-assess health status and progress of therapies.
Cost $65 to $85 
(A singular standard test result will require a 1 hour consult whereas 2 or more tests will require extended time for perusal and treatment plan. Note herbs/supplements at additional cost, see below)

Dietary Strategy Consultation – 60 to 90 minutes
A specialized session to strategize and implement a tailor made dietary plan for those with more complex requirements, such as Anti-inflammatory diet for gut health, Anti-inflammatory diet for auto-immune disease, Ketogenic diet for weight loss and metabolic disorders, Low carb/low histamine diet for SIBO, or for those with severe food intolerances requiring extensive eliminations and restrictions. Your time requirement will be determined by the complexity of your situation (ie: multiple conditions, medical interactions, level of knowledge/resourcefulness with cooking/meal planning/sourcing of appropriate foods).
Cost $65 to $85 
(Electronic or printed versions of meal plans, recipes and food as medicine handouts included)

Standard Return Consultation – 60 minutes
A follow up from any or all of the above sessions, where we monitor your progress with therapies and revise dosages of herbs and supplements according to need, efficacy and tolerance. This is a very important phase of the early process of therapy as herbal and nutritional supplements may need to be “tweaked” to get it just right for you. Ongoing it is helpful to acknowledge what is working and to further refine the recommendations, processes and ultimately your empowered practices which will benefit your health beyond therapy. Regular “checking in” also helps with accountability! Remember this is your journey and knowledge is not immunity – you have to put the resources to use and stay committed to the goal – I am here to help you do that too!
Cost $65

(Initially at 2-4 week intervals and with progress in treatment reduced to 6-8 weekly review)

Short/Acute Consultation - 15 to 30 minutes

For existing clients who wish to "check in" or expand on issues and treatments in between review sessions or have completed a course of therapy and require simple support/prescription with acute complaint, ie: cold/flu/gastro, adrenal/stress/sleep, inflammation/muscular pain.                                                                                                                Cost $30 to $45

100ml - $28 (usually 1 weeks supply)
200ml - $45 (usually 2 weeks supply)
500ml – $100 (usually 4 to 5 weeks supply)
* Standard prices based on mixture of herbs in formula. Single herbs will be charged according to individual price of herb.

NUTRITIONAL/HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS – prescribed, charged and delivered via online patient ordering system or in clinic for pick up. *Prices vary with product – disclosed prior to purchase.




  • Digestive disorders – including bloating, reflux/heart burn and indigestion, leaky gut, bacterial/fungal imbalance, parasitic infections, food intolerances, constipation and diarrhea, SIBO and nutrient malabsorption.


  • Mental Health – mood swings, anxiety and depression. MTHFR, pyrrole disorder and children’s behavioral issues.


  • Stress and Fatigue management – poor sleep and waking un-refreshed, low energy, sugar cravings and poor dietary habits, brain fog, poor memory and cognitive decline, impaired immunity.


  • Womens health – Menstrual issues, PMS, PCOS, pregnancy care, menopause, thyroid issues, bone health.


  • Detoxification – Heavy metals, environmental toxins, impaired liver function, lymphatic congestion, skin complaints, poor diet, sinusitis, fatty liver, high cholesterol , neurological impairment.


  • Weight and metabolic issues – excessive weight gain or loss, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, cardiac health.


  • Immune Health – lowered immunity, infectious disease, inflammation, seasonal and food allergies, autoimmune conditions, eczema and psoriasis, asthma, cancer support.


  • Healthy Aging - cognitive and macular degeneration, arthritis, bone and connective tissue degeneration, anti-oxidant support, energy, fitness & vitality, skin health.



Qualification details

ABOUT Pascale.....

Pascale is a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) accredited Naturopath in practice since 2012. As a lover of dance, music, nature & wholesome foods, Pascale understands that our diets, our activities, even our thoughts and intentions impact the way our bodies function and their innate abilities to heal and thrive. 
Pascale was lead to naturopathy when facing her own health challenges as a young woman and again when raising her child with the desire to live close to the earth and in harmony with natures cycles. It is this calling that has steered Pascale’s health care approach in the direction of Natural and functional medicine with a focus on food as medicine, nature’s potent healing herbs and a healthy vibrant lifestyle with nurturing and restorative practices that promote health and vitality. Now at age 50, Pascale intends to keep fit and healthy in order to enjoy her passions and active lifestyle, living and breathing the knowledge and practices that she shares with you, in service, mentorship and example.


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Pascale Richy Naturopath