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Belinda at Passionate Being specialises in anxiety & relationship issues and offers Healing & Kinesiology services, to people of all ages in the greater Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine Penninsula. Call today to book your next appointment.

Passionate Being - Kinesiology

What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) is a Complementary Medicine, that incorporates a variety of incredible healing modalities, with Counselling, Coaching and Chinese Medicine Principles involved.

Kinesiology originally came from Chiropractics in the 1960's. It is a gentle yet powerful technique that combines western techniques with eastern wisdom. The client is clothed and lays supported upon a massage table.

How Does It Work?

We use gentle muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism to
"detect allergies and nutritional deficiencies; assist with psychological and learning problems, stimulate energies and release untapped potential".
- British Parliament

Why Come & See Belinda?

My aim is to facilitate my clients to have a confident and passionate participation in life & their relationships. We do this together in a harmonious and nurturing way, by supporting you through major transformation by diffusing stress through energetic medicine & emotional support, whilst coaching you through your journey .

Gentle yet powerful kinesiology is a holistic practice which assesses the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the body by looking at what stress patterns and energy systems are out of balance

Corrections Used:
  • Neurolyphatic corrections
  • Accupressure points
  • Chi Restoration
  • Energetic Healing/ Flower Essence Therapy
  • Cranial and TMJ corrections
  • Neurovascular points
  • Cranial Sacral holding
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Neurovasculars
  • Sound Healing
  • Affirmations
  • Tapping
  • Colour/Light Therapy
  • Mindfulness training


Your session is fully clothed and will leave you feeling calmer, lighter, more grounded and revitalised.

The first session is approximately 90 mins, ongoing sessions are an 1 hr. This will include a comprehensive discussion to coach you towards your goal and assess your physical and emotional health.

Depending on your needs, I will assess what type of Kinesiology Balance is required, my aim is to get down to your core issue and free you from limiting beliefs or 'glitches' in your nervous system, the chakra and meridian matrix.

Facilitating you to GROW TO YOUR POTENTIAL!

Tyoes Of Balances
  • Brain Function: for learning; an incredible balance for school aged children and Adults suffering from study difficulties, memory and balance problems
  • Nutritional Balance: identifying what may be hindering the absorption or digestion of nutrients.
  • Homeopathy: Working with constitutional remedies, cell salts etc...
  • Fascial trains and Postural Assessment: assisting in fluid movement & pain reduction within muscles and joints
  • Cranials and TMJ: for headaches, pelvis issues
  • Chakra Hologram: for hormonal imbalance & life path, anxiety.
  • Auric Alignment


To ensure momentum with your healing, I recommend 3 sessions:
First session (75 -90mins) - $110 or 3 for $270 to be paid upfront.
Next session (60 mins) - $100
Children (45 - 60mins) - $80
Upon Health care card Presentation - $90
NB: Vibrational Essences to take home are optional at $10 extra

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - send an SMS today!

Qualification details

  • BA
  • Dip Ed.
  • Dip Kin

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About Me

My name is Belinda Claveria - I am a Qualified Kinesiologist and Passion Coach, NLP Practitioner, Healer and Mentor. Thank you for exploring my site.

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