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Natasha Halias

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Past Life Tours

Soul Regression Therapy consists of a few different sessions of your choice depending on your needs and what you may be ready for.

Soul Regression Therapy, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

About Natasha Halias

Natasha is a Certified Soul Regression Therapy Practitioner with years of experience with therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Her passion is to take clients through a powerful journey of healing and wellness.

She guides her client into deep relaxation using gentle techniques in a safe and comfortable space for them. She takes them through pleasant childhood memories to access their past lives. This helps clients achieve a Higher Self to be able to visit the spirit realms so they can ask their guides for insights and wisdom, and understand their lives better.

Her clients usually come out of this experience with a feeling of clarity as they start to learn about the links between their past and present lives.

It is a safe and powerful journey that everyone should try, with Natasha’s full support and guidance. It is truly a beautiful spiritual practice that will leave anyone who tries it with a deeper understanding of themselves.

Soul Regression Therapy®

This is a modality that offers clients an opportunity to take a deep dive into their subconscious mind and enable them to access long forgotten or suppressed memories. This will help them understand their present issues better.

Unlike usual therapy sessions, Soul Regression Therapy is a unique way to discover and break toxic habits that hold a person back from attaining their full potential. It uses a person’s deep understanding of their soul’s purpose and strengths, and expands their consciousness to learn more how the Universe works.

A Certified Soul Regression Therapist will help by easing the client into a calm, deep meditative state, allowing them to think clearer and better. This will be the start of the journey into the memories to their past lives stored deep in their subconscious.

As the client taps into their past life, they will discover things they won’t expect, including a deeper understanding of concepts like birth, death, reincarnation and karma. By revisiting their past life, clients can also gain better reasoning for their irrational fears, self-sabotaging tendencies, bad behavioural patterns, and other emotional and mental issues. Once they are aware of these, it will be easier for them to develop a better path towards their life goals.

This therapy can also help them develop a new awareness of their strengths and abilities, allowing them to embody your higher self. Connection to the spirit realm is also possible and will allow them to receive guidance and answers to their questions from the Angels, Masters, Past loved one and their Spirit Guides.

Successful Soul Regression Therapy session will bring a brand-new perception to clients and transform the way they view the world. This will also enable them to see themselves in a new light.

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Certified Soul Regression Therapy Practitioner

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Soul Regression Therapy, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy