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Pauline Pearson Counsellor Psychotherapist

Pauline Pearson

Carlton VIC 3053

Pauline Pearson Counsellor Psychotherapist

People need and want to feel that there is some where they can go and someone they can talk to who wil listen to them genuinely, without judging.

Pauline Pearson Counsellor Psychotherapist


I have worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist for many years, including over 15 years in private pracice in Carlton.

I have learned to listen well, and to help people think about their lives.

Originally, I completed a science degree and a social work qualification at the University of Melbourne. I majored in Psychology.

I worked as a social worker in a range of community organisations and managed a large community counselling service for many years. When I began work in Carlton I was employed at the University of Melbourne Counselling Service and lectured for a time in  the Bachelor of Social Work course.

My interest in understanding people and our emotional worlds took me into the field of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis where I completed further professional development. Psychoanalysis has been and continues to be very helpful to me and is incorporated in the work I now offer through my private practice.

Throughout my working life, I have  explored ways to help people understand their emotional worlds. In recent years I have developed a model that I have found to be very useful to people in explaining how our emotions work and how we can better manage our emotions to have more fulfilling lives. The model is called The House Within. Our emotional states have an impact on everything we do and it is my belief that understanding our emotional states and how to manage them, is the most important work we will ever do.



Counselling gives you the opportunity to speak with another person about the issues that are causing you concern or distress.

Often we would prefer to deal with what concerns us without speaking to anyone else, because of a fear that we will be judged by others, or an unhelpful belief that adults should be able to sort out their own problems.

There may be a time, however, when we feel we want to speak to a professional person who is not part of our family, work, or friendship groups, who can be objective about our issues, and provide an experience of being listened to without being judged.

Counselling can help you feel supported and less alone with what is concerning you. It can bring clarity to a situation, helping you to think about what is happening and how the situation can be improved. Counselling can encourage you to find resources within yourself that previously were not apparent to you or had been forgotten.

Making an appointment
Phone 0438096442 to make an appointment. Often it will be necessary to leave a message. Please leave a clear message incuding your phone number . Pauline will return your call, usually within 24 hours.



The House within is a fresh approach to helping people understand and manage their emotions.

The House Within is easy to understand and effective in improving personal wellbeing, and relationships at home and at work.

The House Within model can assist people with anxiety, stress at home or at work, negative self talk, feeling overwhelmed, procrastination etc.

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Medicare rebates may be possible if a Mental Health Care Plan is provided.

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