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Intimacy Whisperer

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I am constantly asked how did I get into the business of being an Intimacy & Sex Educator and Coach.

The answer to that is actually quite funny. My whole career had been in administration, working in various capacities from Receptionist to Executive Secretary. About 10 years ago I became very restless and wanted to pursue something in alternative therapies of some sort because I loved working with different modalities for my own personal journey.

I eventually did my NLP training and was working with a girlfriend to come up with an area that I wanted to make my niche. We were going through a particular process and every time I said health and emotional well being, my friend kept saying no. She was actually being quite harsh with me at the time and really kept pushing me, which to this day I’m so grateful for, because out of my mouth came tumbling the word, sex!

We both looked at each other and she said, “yes that’s it, you know more about sex than most people I know” and so that is how my business came about.

Of course since then, I’ve done a lot more study, Tantra and Sexological Body Work™ and attended and assisted at many sacred sexuality workshops and teachings. So in the beginning I solely used NLP, working with the mindset to sort people’s problems out as well as more generalised activities which I resourced through doing extensive research and lots of reading.

I now have many different tools and resources to draw on and am far more educated around intimacy and sex than I was back then!

I live my life with enthusiasm and passion and quite simply love my life. I’m fit and healthy and am totally comfortable with my sexuality and who I am as a sexual woman and my desire is for all women to feel the same way.

I am passionate about sex, sex education, intimacy, conscious connection, loving relationships, eating good nourishing organic food and living a clean and conscious lifestyle. Friends and people I meet through business are always commenting on my energy and vitality, however it wasn’t always this way.

Almost 22 years ago, just after my daughter was born, apart from having un-diagnosed post natal depression, I was diagnosed with a “chronic” auto immune disease. I didn’t really know how to handle that information, so I buried my head in the sand and I ate and became more and more miserable. I totally shut down my sexuality and along with that unknowingly started to shut down my emotions. Life was an existence, I had a beautiful daughter however realised that my marriage was not really working out and I was completely stuck and didn’t know how to move forward.

Finally I reached a point where I knew something had to be done, so the first thing I did was set about losing almost 20 kilos which had crept onto my frame. As the weight came off, I started coming into some major realisations and the first big challenge to get through was realising that my marriage was over.

Then the most bizarre thing happened, within a week of my marriage being over, I started feeling some sexual stirrings deep within. It took me by surprise as it dawned on me what was going on, as I hadn’t really felt that way for years. My MOJO was back! I was pretty stunned and confused about this sexual energy popping up in the middle of my marriage ending however I decided to embrace it and not turn it off again!

Since that time I’ve realised how important good health is as well as not burying emotions as we tend to do. I’ve also fully embraced my sexuality and realised that this is the center of creativity and having a healthy sexual relationship is also part of the equation. So my journey of self discovery started, with doing some deep inner work on myself on all levels, searching the spiritual path and uncovering a lot about myself and my sexuality along the way.

Some of the certifications I have picked up along the way are:

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming
Errikson Hypnotherapy
Results Coach
Performance Consultant
Love Works Tantra Teacher & Facilitator
Somatic Sexological Body Worker™
Reikki & Spiritual Healer
Angel Intuitive
Access Consciousness-The Bars


Understand Your Relationship to Self
What is Coaching?
As a Coach I provide one on one coaching service for my clients. I listen, observe and resource solutions and strategies for you. We work together with a common goal and we set goals and do strategic visioning for the future. If you are not committed to wanting change, then there is no point in taking me on as your Coach as I will hold you accountable at all times.

My style of coaching and training is about bringing together a variety of tools from my toolbox to assist you to move forward in your life and to create the outcomes you desire. Together we look at the past which has led you to the present and we work on clearing issues on an unconscious level, so we can move forward positively into the future and create profound changes within. We look at limiting beliefs, values, behaviours and attitudes and your meta programs and many more aspects of what makes you who you are and we work on changing on the unconscious level what is no longer serving you anymore.

Somatic Sexological Body Work ™
A certified Sexological Body Worker™ teaches individuals and couples to deepen and expand their erotic education. As a sex educator, this is done through teaching people to embody their own erotic and sexual development through primarily practicing and having a body based learning experience through mindful, self directed practice over time. This is instead of a learning based from information provided and having a mind based learning. Over time as new patterns and sensations are created in the body awareness, it creates new neurological pathways which integrate the mind and the body.

The word Somatic come from the Greek sōmatikos concerning the body, from sōma the body. It relates to the cells of the body with the exception of the reproductive cells (gametes) and are known as somatic cells. So by working with the body, in a living way, bringing awareness into the body, creates a body learning, which can bring about change on a cellular level.

Sexological Body Work is a combination of modalities such as Tantra, Taoism, yoga & meditation. Working with a Sexological Body Worker™ can assist you to work through any sexual or intimate challenges or concerns you may be experiencing. By developing new skills in how to relate and connect to your own body, it creates new ways for you to open and deepen your own erotic sexual experience. The experiential learning opportunities through Sexological Body Work™ gives you new awareness and creates new choices that change the automatic nervous system.

Sexological Body Workers™ are trained to touch the body and genitals (with gloves) for the purpose of discovering any pain or numbness. They are also trained to do Taoist body work, orgasmic erotic and masturbation coaching as well as scar remediation work.

As a member of the Association of Certified Sexological Body Workers we adhere to their Code of Ethics. This is a fast growing modality which doctors and psychologists are recognizing and are now referring their patients to as they have limited training in the area of sex and sexuality.

Tantra – Sunshine Coast
Tantra came originally from India and Tibet and is a philosophy and science of life. It is one of the few philosophies that includes sacred sexuality.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word from Hindu which comes from the word Tan and translates as expanding and extending, spreading and weaving. This is why practicing Tantra can raise the level of consciousness and weaves together the mind, body and spirituality with sex.

Tantra recognizes that sex is sacred and in ancient Hindu mythology, Tantra was seen as the divine union and interplay of the feminine energy, Shakti and the masculine energy, Shiva.

Tantra has many levels and layers of depth that you can slowly build on. It’s a way to connect more deeply with yourself through a variety of breathing techniques and specific exercises to then coming together with your partner, if you are in a relationship to connect you together in a more intimate and deeper way. As you come together, there are more ways to breathe together to expand yourselves and connect in a deeper and more spiritual way.

It opens you to experience more sexually and brings you new ways of communicating together through conversations and touch. The practices are very simple, yet incredibly powerful and at the heart of Tantra, it’s brings about new ways of relating.

Sex is usually outcome driven, with Tantra it’s about the journey, slowing down and enjoying and savouring all the sensations, feelings and emotions that occur when having great sex. Tantra also teaches you to become present within yourself and with your partner as well as honouring and acknowledging each other.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
NLP is a set of specific techniques and highly refined tools that deliberately restructure the brain’s thinking & the body’s behaviours by aligning the conscious with the unconscious mind & body. It is a powerful way to transform your life and produce results!

Neuro refers to the brain, Linguistic is how we communicate and Programming is the behavioural patterns learned through experience. So by working with the mindset we can also bring about powerful change.

We look at limiting beliefs, values, behaviours and attitudes and many more aspects of what makes you who you are and we work on bringing about change through working with the unconscious level to make the changes with what is no longer serving you anymore.

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