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Performance Horse & Rider Massage

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You can make a choice when you want therapy. Your best mate (Horse) has to hope that you are understanding & receptive to their needs...

Performance Horse & Rider Massage

Focus areas

Tension Chronic skin conditions Growth Tonic Muscle tone Tight muscles

Qualified Equine Myotherapist & Reiki Practitioner

About Us
Performance Horse & Rider Massage specialises in muscle maintenance & rehabilitation of horses & people.

What massage can do

Massage encourages the body to heal itself by lengthening connective tissue. Breaking down &/or preventing adhesions (knots) & reduces fibrosis.

Relieves tension, relaxes & corrects tight muscles which relieves discomfort &/or pain which in turn enhances muscle tone & increases range of motion.

Aids chemical processes, improving circulation & nutrion to the entire body without adding to lactic acid production, hastens elimination of toxins & increases metabolism.

Improving disposition & Well-being having restored harmony & balance, making us happier horses & people.

You can make a choice when you want therapy. Your best mate (Horse) has to hope that you are understanding & receptive to their needs.

Behaviorable issues are sometimes a good indication of when massage can be of assistance. Issues such as: biting & kicking when girthing up, unhappy transitions, bucking or pig rooting, chomping on the bit etc.

Most horses just want to please you & will try their hardest to do so. Like you, they get sore tired muscles. The only way they can tell you is by behaviorable issues.

There are times when some of your horses behaviorable problems come from your muscle/posture issues. This is why you need to have your muscular/posture issues addressed.

Our Services

What is Reiki?

Reiki originally came from Japan, founded by Mikao Usui. Reiki is a simple yet effective oriental method of using & healing with energy. It is non-invasive and holds no religious attachments. Reiki can be used to benefit yourself & others. Reiki is very much about working on oneself, for self-healing, self-development & spiritual development. Healing others & animals was a minor aspect of the system; it is simply something you can do if you follow Mikao Usui's system.

The difference with Reiki is that it does not involve physical energy. It does not drain the physical energy of the practitioner like massage/myotherapy.

Reiki is intelligent energy, it goes where it is needed most, because of this there is no need to diagnose in order to treat with Reiki.

Photonic Red Low Level Laser Therapy

The photonic red light is used on the acupressure points & can be used to massage sore or problem areas on the body.

Studies show that light enters the body as Photons ( energy ) & is absorbed by the photoreceptors within the cells.

Low level laser (LLL) can be used to treat soft tissue injuries & skin conditions such as psoriasis, herpes, ulcers, burn & acne.

The light is especially effective for treating wounds, cuts acupressure points & other areas close to the skin.

The Benefits
Safe, cost effective, alternative, easy to apply, non toxic & a non invasive treatment.

It increases metabolic activity, reduces fibrous tissue formation, reduces scar tissue from muscle damage, cuts, scratches, burns & post surgery.

Its anti imflammatory action reduces swelling caused by bruising or imflammation of joints, it enhances mobility & increases vascular activity.

It accelerates cell reproduction & growth. Stimulates fibroblast development & excelerates collagen & synthesis in damaged tissue.

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