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Perth Emmett & Healing Therapies

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Servicing area: Cottesloe, Western Suburbs, Fremantle

Julie, the founder of Perth Emmett and Healing Therapies, is a qualified and experienced practitioner of Emmett technique, Reiki and AromaTouch. She uses safe, gentle and effective techniques that can target specific problems and rebalance the body as a whole.

Perth Emmett & Healing Therapies

Emmett Therapy is a safe and simple muscle release therapy developed by Remedial Therapist Ross Emmett. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement and can restore a positive emotional state. 

Emmett Therapy is a special form of body therapy that involves application of light finger pressure at specific points. These are in sequences that enable gentle releases for common problems which include neck, shoulder and back pain. The client remains fully clothed.

The Emmett Technique sequence of muscle activation points can unlock muscle memory. This activation gives the brain the opportunity to re-evaluate the initial activator that created the neuromuscular problem for that client.

A good analogy for how Emmett works is that of a digital touch-screen. With the touch-screen, if you touch too hard, nothing happens. If you touch on the wrong spot nothing happens. If you hold for too long, all the icons start to shake. But if you touch with just the right amount of pressure in a specific location, an application opens and you are good to go. We believe the EMMETT points are small sensory receptors that allow access to the brain via the therapists’ touch. With the correct light touch, the brain receives and evaluates this stimulus and initiates the relaxation response in the soft tissue.  There are receptor points all over the body so the therapist can target the area of concern.  It may sound surprising, but the relaxation response and the feeling of ease in the area is often immediate. 

Emmett Therapy can be used as an effective adjunct to enhance the treatment value of other types of muscle release and neuro-musculoskeletal therapies. The therapy addresses tissues that may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, or other connective tissue (fascia), as well as lymphatic vessels, or organs of the gastrointestinal system.

It is a technique which can be used in a truly complementary way with any other body work or exercise system or as a powerful standalone technique in its own right.

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing that can enhance the body’s natural healing ability and promote wellbeing.

Reiki helps to heal mind, body and spirit, by accelerating the body’s own ability to heal itself physically, and by opening the mind to the emotional and mental causes of disease and pain.

A Reiki treatment can stand on its own as a healing practice and can also safely be used to support orthodox and complementary medicine. Reiki doesn’t interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices.

 During a treatment session, the flow of Reiki energy is typically experienced as warmth, but it may also be felt as a fine tingling, a tremor, or even a deep chill. For most people Reiki is experienced as tension dropping away and the mind becoming still, which in turn leads to a deep sense of relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being. There might also be an emotional release as old emotional conflicts start to melt away.

The client remains fully clothed for the treatment.

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide an essential oil experience. High grade dōTERRA essential oils are applied to the back, shoulders, neck and feet in this beautifully relaxing body treatment.

About Julie

I first experienced and trained in Reiki in 1995. I was beginning my journey into living and experiencing my life in a different and more spiritual way and exploring the practices and therapies that might enable me to do this. By 1997 I had become a Reiki II practitioner.

In 2013, after having experienced the benefits of Emmett Technique, I undertook the first levels of training. I have currently attained all the competencies from Module 1 to 6, and EP1 advanced practitioner training. I regularly up-skill and engage in professional development.

In 2016, having used essential oils for over 30 years, I rediscovered how important they are for our moods, emotions and well-being. I was introduced to the very pure and therapeutic grade oils of dōTERRA and noted the difference and power of these oils, which are also sourced ethically and sustainably – important to my philosophy. I soon trained in the AromaTouch technique, a joy both to give and experience.

I have also practiced Tai Chi and Chi Kung for over 25 years and believe that we all have the power to implement positive change in our bodies. Sometimes our body needs assistance in enabling this process to begin. Relieving pain and discomfort, and allowing healing to take place on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, can be the first step towards good health.

Emmett, Reiki and using essential oils I have found to be powerful modalities and they might be just the support you need, either alone or combined, in your healing journey. 


Emmett            $70

Reiki                 $70

AromaTouch      $70

Combined (any) $100   Approx 90mins

concessions available for pensioners & students

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Qualification Details

Emmett Modules 1 - 6 & EP1 - advanced practitioner training Reiki 1 & 2 AromaTouch using dōTERRA essential oils Other qualifications & courses include: Tai Chi & Chi Kung BSc Hons Psychology Social & Emotional learning Teacher & Trainer Senior First Aid Reflexology Australian Bush Flower essences

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