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We will help you strengthen your intestines, lose weight and regain your health.

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The crux of the plan is Gut health. The plan is designed to regulate the hormones during the detox process that helps the body to lose weight.

Meal schedules contain different ingredients that are specifically selected by dietitians that help to fix the lining of the intestine. We also provide the body with high-quality nutrients to sustain a reduced calorie diet.

The weight loss package requires a precisely formulated weight loss and detox plan PLUS licensed nutritious items.

There are no shakes, this is REAL food and QUALITY foods. No exercise is needed during this program.

There is no deal or on-going fee. Until you have ordered your software, you will receive the following:

  • Phatt approved nutritional products for your 30 Day Program.
  • Phatt approved foods lists for Stages 1, 2 and 3.
  • Phatt Meal plans created by clinical nutritionist. (Vegetarian and Non-veg available)
  • One-to-One Mentoring from a trained Phatt Mentor.
  • Access to Online Support Groups.
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Phatt Community & Recipe Groups.
  • Access to vegetarian recipes page

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