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Chronic injuries or postural aches and pains preventing you from being fit, energised, youthful and strong?

Work with an Experienced Physiotherapist, Pilates and Fitness Instructor and Yoga Therapist and feel the difference in your day to day Physical and Mental Health!

It's time for YOU! Book a consultation with Emma at End Physio and Pilates Physiomoves today and make a start to the new you!

Pilates for Chronic & Postural Pain, Ante Natal & Post Natal Rehab & Cancer Rehab

How Can Pilates Help with Chronic Pain?

Pilates is a low impact exercise that improves joint mobility and muscle flexibility and strength. It focuses on correct postural alignment, providing balance in your body, reducing aches and pains.

It helps activate deep muscles, improves breathing and concentration, relieves stress in the body, and boosts endorphins, your "happy" hormones. 

Can I Do Pilates at Home?

Yes, you can do Pilates exercises with just a yoga mat at home with online supported programs or go to into the studio equipped with Pilates equipment and be guided by a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor.

Online programs are delivered to an app with Emma’s pre-recorded videos with your own personalized program, designed to meet your goals, modified and progressed with monitoring and reassessments.

What to Expect in a Pilates Class?

A typical pilates class runs for 60 minutes. Pilates exercises are done in a specific order, focusing on weak and tight muscles. Just like strength training, pilates should be done a few days a week. 

If you’re a beginner, have chronic pain, or are recovering from an injury or surgery, Emma will design your program and modify exercises so they are suitable for you. Necessary adjustments and progressions are incorporated each session in accordance with your progress. 

Finding the Right Pilates Instructor For You

If you suffer with chronic or postural pain or you are pregnant or post natal or recovering from cancer or other surgery choose an exeperienced qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor to ensure they have the correct knowlerdge to program for your specific needs safely. 

Please call to discuss your specific concerns. 

What Clients are Saying about End Physio & Pilates Physiomoves:

I highly recommend Pilates Physiomoves. Emma is so knowledgeable. After the initial assessment she helped me understand my longstanding physical health issues with such clarity. She then made a clear pathway of moving towards strength and health with in-class exercises and home program with an on-phone app. Thanks Emma. Looking forward to 2021 growing in core strength and health. As they say ...”Strong woman stay young.” - Madeleine Holm

“Possibly the best pilates studio in the universe! Working with Emma is always great - challenging and hard work - but always great! Can not recommend this studio highly enough!!” - Lisa Martini

Get started with your personalised program at home or in the studio, call to book your consultation and lets make a permanent change!

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BSc(Hons)Physiotherapy Provider # 246098BX, ABN: 29 185 393 646 Diploma of Professional Pilates Practice Member of APA Member of Australasian Pilates Alliance Yoga Arts Level 1, Certified Yoga Therapist

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