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Positive Palmistry, Palm reading, Hand analysis, Medical Palmistry, Distance Palm reading Professional Palmist, over 20 years experience in Palm reading


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Professional Palmist, over 20 years experience in Palm readingPro

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Flexibility Nails Life path Palmistry Reading Palm reading

Deepak has been reading hands professionally and conducting research in different countries for over 25 years. 

During his intensive training and extensive experience, he has used palmistry as a tool in analysing hands with a scientific background for healing and helping people on many levels. 

Your palm will explain all the lines in your life and the impact each line has upon many phases in your life (i.e., your character, personality, childhood, career, finance, family life, talent, love life, happiness, mission in life, needs, education, moods and destiny).

Deepak’s interests include Vedic and Western palmistry and Medical palmistry to work with doctors and health professionals in relation to disease diagnosis and hands prints.

Palm reading can guide you to your solution, and, with effort, you can alter your lines.

Services Offered

Palm Reading

In palmistry, a hand is studied by examining lines, mounts, skin texture, ridges, fingers, special markings, and more. Consulting palmists decipher your life path, career, love, friendship, happiness, prosperity, failures, trials, and tribulations based on various aspects of your hand.

Deepak observes the tiny bulges on your fingertips on the first phalange of fingertips during his palm readings. They are like tiny drops of water on the fingertips. Having a mark on your fingertips shows that you have a sensitive emotional sense, able to tell the difference between situations easily. 

When you enter a room with strangers, you feel the atmosphere and situation. You can sense whether a room is hostile or friendly, happy or sad.

Distance Reading

In distant reading, you can send digital images of your palm to Deepak. Upon receiving good quality images of your hands, he performs a hand analysis and provides you with a reading through either telephone consultation or CD recording.


Many of Deepak’s clients are interested in discovering palmistry and in learning how to read and understand their own hands. He offers clients a unique opportunity to learn more about this field through an introductory workshop.

Deepak conducts one-day workshops with a minimum of 6 to 8 participants in Melbourne, Australia. You can learn the basics of palmistry and analyse your own palms during the workshop. 

As part of the workshop, participants can take photos of their hands and create soluble prints of their hands. You will receive both digital images and palm prints at the end of the workshop.

Testimonials from Previous Clients

“Lovely compassionate caring reader. Enjoyed my palm reading, insightful. Have confidence that you are being guided by a genuine professional palm reader. Will be back.” - B

“Today I had my second palm reading from Deepak’s Positive Palmistry and once again I was very impressed with my session.  It is something I will do more regularly. Deepak obviously has a comprehensive knowledge of palmistry and he uses this expertise in a reading which offers his clients direction and guidance.  Probably best described as a very constructive reading. I would highly recommend Deepak’s Positive Palmistry.” - Fiona Neville

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