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Naturopathy includes a range of modalities such as herbal medicines, nutrition, homeopathy and supplements. These approaches allow the body to tap into its own healing mechanisms for support in supplying what the body requires to heal itself.

Biometer Testing

The tools I use in my clinic for diagnosis are iridology, patient history and a 'Biometer', which is a non- invasive method that detects currents running through the body to show any imbalances, weaknesses or underlying causes of illness. The Biometer detects levels of hormones produced by the endocrine system giving an indication of how the body is functioning overall. The toxic load is measured within the body which is an indication of how many toxins or materials the body is holding onto that is best released.

Electro Dermal

Diet, Nutrition & Supplements

Diet often plays the key roll in a dysfunction found within a body system, therefore discussion about the foods you consume daily is very important along with the times you choose to eat and often food combining can cause acidic or alkaline reactions that may be counteractive to digestion.

Supplementation is often required for nutrient loading in order to change an imbalance within the body. The supplements I use are Metagenics, Biomedica, bioresearch, NPM, Brauer Professional, Apex, Orthoplex, Mediherb & Bioactive, plus other smaller ranges specifically designed for specific conditions.

I have designed a protocol for you used to detoxify the body from the overload the you may be carrying. The toxins may come from pesticides, parasites, bacteria, virus, stress with poor digestion or heavy metals. Both of which need similar detoxification tweeked for each individual person. Once you have followed and completed a detox protocol you can feel more energetic, less stressed, lighter , recover from pain /injury faster with a sense of wellbeing.

Every condition that presents itselfis due to an overload or imbalance within the body, that is why detoxifying and diet adjustment can assist with correction.



OLIGOSCAN is a mineral and Metal online evaluation pathology tool approved by the TGA.

No hair or tissue samples required and the results are instant.

Where there is toxicity there is always a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Mineral deficiency is like the foundation of your house ‘poor foundation=poor health’

The test itself scans the palm in 4 locations

  • 1st graph shows Mineral evaluation
  • 2nd graph shows Heavy metal levels




Minerals that are too high often are not being used and remain in the blood due to heavy metal blockage in its pathways. Metals that are too high in the body indicates your minerals are too low and your eliminatory pathways are not clear to rid the body of the overload. Either minerals and metals that are too high or low can cause many neurological issues like Autism, headaches, anxiety, depression including health issues like leaky gut, chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, low mood, hormone disruption and weight gain.

Hair tissue analysis tells us only what is being excreted (if the person is excreting) Results back in 10 days

Blood will only tell us whats in the blood and metals are often stored in fatty tissue not blood due to the protective nature of our body to create homeostasis.Results back in 7 days

Oligoscan tells us what metals are stored thus telling us how much there is to get rid of and the results are instant.

Blood testing

Each Field shows different information we can use to evaluate possible deficiencies and immune status

Dark Field and Phase contrast

Coagulated Blood

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