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Where soul alignment happens...

Prana House - Wellness Clinic

Focus areas

Mental health & wellbeing Wellness Holistic wellness Health & wellness Massage therapy Karuna reiki


Who We Are
Prana House is a breathtaking beautiful urban sanctuary offering quality authentic yoga, yoga teacher training, wellness clinic and events/workshops in the healing arts.


The Space
You cannot resist being moved by the beauty, love, magic and generosity of spirit that has been poured into each detail of this creation. Our exquisite physical space has been intentionally designed to transport you to the greatest of heights upon entering where you can establish a clear & peaceful environment from where you can operate. 


Our Philosophy
This soulful place oozes depth & spirit and represents a pioneering approach in the modern day yoga movement. In a world where spirit has been dulled and sometimes lost, we are bringing the Spirit back into yoga & beyond. Connecting in an integrated way, we pay attention to the subtlety of the forces of Prana within and around us. Prana is life force energy, and when you become attuned to it, deep and lasting healing takes place. The mind becomes sweetly silenced & your ability to ‘Be’ becomes pronounced. You become embodied & spirited and all of life begins to flow with ease & purpose.


Signature Style
Prana House is the home of Amrit Yoga Australia and Pranaa Yoga Australia. Our signature style is based on ‘meditation in motion’ also known as ‘the posture of consciousness’. We are recognised as leaders in quality teachings including yoga teacher trainings. We offer Amrit Yoga Teacher Training, Prana House Yoga Teacher Training & Integrative Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Teacher Training USA.


Community & Big Vision
A temple space or a home for the community, Prana House offers a place to belong, to feel safe, to learn, to grow & to be nurtured. It supports in serving transformation through the inner dimension of life. Prana House holds the flame of intention in our hearts, to serve a greater vision of supporting the raising of consciousness, paradigm shifts in attitudes, awareness & infinite possibilities that the world needings. This unique poetic space is where it all is happening! It breathes a profound philosophy of unity, connection, spirit, integration & evolution.


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