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Primal Outdoor Fitness

Saxon Eatt

Carine WA 6020

Primal Outdoor Fitness

Learn to be Primal! Release your inner self!

Primal Outdoor Fitness


Build confidence and achieve your goals with a huge variety of fun outdoor workouts and tailored programs just for YOU!

- Group boot camps and fun outdoor circuits!
- Personalised 1 on 1 training!
- Train with a friend or partner with our doubles program!
- Free initial consultation
- Flexible Hours to suit YOUR busy lifestyle
- Guaranteed results
- Fully Qualified and experienced personal trainer


*NEW* I can come to you!
Standard rates plus a $5 fuel fee
Do you have a large backyard, or a big games room? Maybe you just want to get out of the rain, don't worry, I can come to you! I have all my own equipment and can train up to 10 people at time.

One on one personal training
45 minutes • From $50 per session, discounts apply*
- Tailored and individualised 45 minute sessions - The more sessions you take, the more YOU save - Guaranteed results* - Motivational and supportive environment every step - Flexible training times

45 minutes • From $25 each per session, discounts apply*
- Stay motivated and on track with a friend AND trainer to help achieve your goals faster - Tailored 45 minute sessions - The more you train, the more YOU save - Flexible training times

Group training* and boot-camps
45 minutes • From $15 per session, discounts apply*
- Be supported by a team - A huge variety of 45 minute sessions - Fun and rewarding atmosphere - All fitness levels welcome - Train in the fresh air and feel great - Train before or after work

Functional and fun outdoor training to suit all fitness levels, call us now and start achieving your dreams!

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