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Maree Lutzoff

Psychic Medium & Energy Healer

Pakenham VIC 3810

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Energy Balancing

Working with crystals, sound and Energy & Reiki to balance your energy field to clear blockages and rebalance your energy body. All work is done on a sound healing massage bed to further relax the body. I like to work with crystals and sound to assist you to enter into a relaxed state to release blockages and clear energy. A short meditation during this session is also available

--------------- Rife & Scalar Wave Frequency Therapy A non invasive scan of the body is done with Scalar wave frequency. This scan which has the capacity to read internal body issues right down to the cellular level. Details of possible internal body issues, body imbalances, and pathogens that are present in the body can be noted. Frequency can then be sent through the body to rebalance and neutralize internal issues. Scalar waves are part of the cellular structure of our body, so working with frequency transmitted through the body assists cells to communicate for better health functions. With the information provided I am then able to set up a program to send frequencies back into the body to neutralize the toxins present. This can assist with detoxification, pain relief, organ balancing, specific issues, digestive problems, body rebalancing, parasite elimination, boosting of the immune system and so much more. I do endorse and supply naturopathic products from grasses of life to assist with detox, nutritional support and immune health. Happy to provide details and a clarity call over the phone for you to discuss your health needs. Please message or call me on Ph 0423 127 457 Session investment $150 Allow 1.5 hours Pakenham only- in person sessions

Rife & Scalar Wave Frequency Therapy / Energy Balancing

Servicing area

Pakenham and surrounding suburbs

Focus areas

Growth Wellbeing Akashic records reading Face to face appointments Circulation Relaxation

Energy balancing/ work is a technique, similar to Reiki, where I work intuitively to rebalanced the auric energetic layers and work on clearing any dense energy to bring the flow of energy back into balance and alignment. 

Often our Auric energy fields and chakras can accumulate dense energy, collected from the outside enviroment, toxins, worry, and stress.

By clearing this from your energy fields and chakras, your body functions better, you feel more relaxed and balanced. As I am able to feel the blockages and see the energy streams I am guided to the places that need attention. 

To assist in the process, I like to use crystals placed on the body, and work with sound healing bowls, drums around the body and I find this helps clients to release emotional and physical issues.  Normally I will place a crystal grid on your body and clear energy with a selenite wand. use of drumms, and other sound healing instruments are also used.

Guided meditation for a deeper energy release can also be used.

Angelic and gentle 528 Hz frequency music and above this range is used for these healing session. 

Benefits include:  improvements to your overall health and vitality, deep relaxation, peace of mind, energy balance and connection to self. 

Costs: $120 per hour.  

***Special offer:  Psychic/mediumship reading with an energy clearing $240.

***Please mention this on booking. ***Allow 1.5 hours for the session.***

Session times 10 am to 5pm Tue to Fri. Sat 10am to 2pm

Other times can be arranged apon request 



 Rife & Scalar Wave Frequency Therapy

Provides an internal body scan, done with scalar wave frequency, which is non invasive and recognised as natural by our cellular system.   

From the body scan, information of potential internal issues, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, chemical toxins, organ imbalances and other possibilities can be recognised.  A session would then be available to administer frequencies back into the body to rebalance, detox, assist digestion, relieve pain, boost immune and work on specific body issues.  

Programs are available for chakra balancing, color, sound healing, emotional balancing and  as well as so much more. 

Happy to offer a phone call to talk about your health and the potential for your bodies needs. 

As a natural therapy I am not able to claim to diagnose or treat. 

Session cost $150

Allow 1.5 hours

Multiple package sessions available which provide further discounts


****Thank you so much for the healing today Maree. I definately felt something shift during the healing and I felt so much lighter when I left. My perspective is so much clearer now. I will be back for another session soon.  - Michelle  ***

** I can highly recommend this treatment. After 1 session I felt amazing. So much more energy and clarity. I definately recommend Maree for her Scalar Rife machine - Sue **

** My eyes are not sore and the feelings like paper cuts on my eyelids and outsides is better. I slept well last night which is a miracle. Thank you Maree - Carol **

** Thank you for all the help you gave me yesterday. After the session my head felt lighter, less cluttered and I felt calm. The pain in my body has reduced massively, its hard to believe. I was in such a debilitating state a day before. - Donna **

**Thank you for the energy clearing today. I needed it so much. I feel more grounded and present. My heart and mind and energy feels lighter. I cant thank you enough. - RN **


4 Services

Mediumship Readings

Psychic Online
$170 Per hour

Connecting to the Spirit realm to bring closure, love, shared memories and evidence from your loved ones in Spirit.... Cost up to $170 Hr

Psychic Readings

Tarot Reading
$170 Per hour

Psychic readings provide guidance, empowerment and clarity for your journey. Spiritual insight combined with connection to your Souls timeline, tarot card and Oracle card readings for further insight....Cost up to $170 Hr

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10:00 am To 2:00 pm


  • Copeland School of Massage and Kinesiology, Aasr Reflexology, Dr Linet Intuitive Counselling, Arthur Findlay College Uk

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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