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Purdie Wood

Purdie Wood

Mullumbimby NSW 2482

Servicing area: Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Ballina, Alstonville, Lismore, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Tweed, New South Wales

Purdie Wood
Integrating body centred therapies, psychotherapeutic tools and animistic practice.

Healing Arts Practitioner



Purdie is an experienced and internationally recognized facilitator working in the field of mental health. She integrates a unique combination of body centred therapies and psychotherapeutic tools within a nature based animistic framework. Purdie offers both in person and distance therapeutic sessions and training courses. She works with a trauma informed approach and is the founder of the therapeutic system Internal Tracking.

The creation of this deeply nourishing form of work has been influenced by Purdie's depth of experience and training in a breadth of diverse fields including:Voice Dialogue, Visionary Craneo Sacral therapy, Curanderismo (of the Peruvian amazon), Soul Retrieval, Gestalt therapy and Sound as Medicine.

Internal Tracking is a process based system which enables a deep exploration into the workings of our internal landscapes, creating opportunity to address the core issues underlying mental health imbalances and physical symptoms. This therapeutic work can include: 

- reparation of energetic, emotional and neural pathways                                  
- release of trauma, undigested emotion and misplaced energy
- integrating fractured aspects of the psyche 
- nourishing places of depletion 
- strengthening connection to places of internal resource
- addressing embedded holding patterns, including dissociation and numbness
- supporting the return and integration of vital energy with the use of soul retrieval processes 
By working with this somatic approach we are ultimately moving towards the restoration and fortification of vital energy within the body and strengthening connection to the benevolent powers of our internal worlds.



"Without doubt Purdie as found a way to facilitate access to the essential heart of matters, but it is her ability to illuminate the personal whilst retaining a strong relationship with the mysterious which makes her work exceptional."

T.J Tracey, Poet, Photographer, Author


Purdie works and teaches from her private practice located near Byron Bay Australia. She is also available to do phone sessions and distance work for those who live out of area, with more information available by visiting her Website.


Contact Purdie at or phone 0404 313 089 to make an appointment


Biography - Purdie Wood

Purdie has been engaged in the field of therapeutic arts for over 20 years, during this time she has trained both formally and informally in a combination of diverse yet complimentary modalities. This depth of experience allows her the capacity to work instinctively traversing between the soul, the psycho-emotional, the energetic and the physical realms to create a unique and deeply nurturing experience specific to each individual's needs.

Purdie has been influenced by the work of leading practitioners in the field such as Pat Ogden and Peter Levine. Purdie's most recent trainings with senior voice dialogue trainers Ana Barner & Peter Chown, psychiatrist and trauma specialist Bessel van der Kolk and the founder of visionary craniosacral work Hugh Milne have each become integrated aspects of her treatment approach. Over her many years of engagement in the healing arts her therapeutic framework has been most influenced by her work, personally and professionally, with renowned Curandero Simon Green. As a mentor he has overseen and guided her development as a practitioner for over twelve years. 
Over time these diverse threads of training and depth of experience have led to the creation of the therapeutic system Internal Tracking. This somatic process of internal navigation is attained through deep engagement with the sensory body. Following these pathways of felt experience allows engagement with the physical, emotional, psycho-spiritual and energetic fields. The work enabled buy this process ultimately builds cohesion and integration within the many layers of the internal system. 
Purdie has a strong experiential connection to the Curanderismo (healing arts) of Peru, she spent extensive periods of time living and training under a number of Curanderos in the Western desert and Amazon basin regions. The most significant of which are Luis Pinedo, Sarah Pinedo and Dona Ysabel. It was during this time that Purdie apprenticed to the natural realms. The knowledge transmitted in this process gave her the profound understanding of inner pathways that informs both her teaching and individual session work. These experiences also imparted an understanding of the medicinal use of song which in turn has connected her to the efficacy of her own Celtic/Anglo-Saxon ancestral lineage. 
In both her individual and group facilitation she integrates the wisdom from the many renowned teachers with whom she has trained. These include Sandra Ingerman (Soul Retrieval), Simon Green (Huachumero), Ana Barner & Peter Chown (Voice dialogue), Hugh Milne (Visionary Craneo Sacral therapy), Tanya Lloydell (Gestalt therapy), Bessel van der Kolk (trauma theory) and Sally McKern (Holistic Pulsing). 
As a founding director of the Australian Sound Institute for many years Purdie assisted people to gain an in depth understanding of sound as a modality and to connect with their voice as a tool for self healing. She now teaches courses in "Sound as Medicine" and "Systems of Internal Tracking". She has been co-facilitating "Bridgeweavers" a not for profit community group for the last 4 years. They work with sound and voice to support and nurture those touched by the profound experiences connected to new life and death. She also produces immersive sound events such as "The Long Song" - A journey in sound and performs with the three piece musical ensemble "Cave In The Sky".
Purdie's work embraces both wild nature and biological knowledge and combines specific methods for discovering and investigating the soul’s hidden riches. These methods facilitate a border crossing into mystery, in which to recover the innate gifts buried beneath the surface of our daily routines. 


"In more than twenty years of consciously working towards healing I don’t think I have ever had such a powerful session. I was blessed to be led to Purdie when I had no power, no energy, no hope. She quickly helped me to regain my strength by supporting me to break through some very deep-seated and embedded patterns that were extremely hard for me to become conscious of. After only a few sessions I began to experience very tangible shifts and I could recognise the voice of this very powerful shamanic work.

- Branka Habota, Artist

"To sit back and reflect on where I was when I first came to see Purdie and where I’m at now… it’s amazing, I’m not the same person at all. I’m happier and more confident, I’m feeling more present and able to be in my body for longer without too much effort....I’ve been struggling to lose weight for years and all of a sudden it just starts dropping off like some old baggage that I don’t need to carry around anymore. Quite honestly, the results I've been seeing so far are huge! "

- Luke T., Graphic designer


I am eternally grateful for what Purdie does, she has without a doubt assisted me in changing the relationship that I have with myself. Supporting a return to love of self and the creation of a life of beauty. Developing a deeper & compassionate connection has changed every aspect of my life. 

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form in which breaks & repairs are treated as part of the objects history and carefully mended with a lacquer resin mixed with gold. The repairs are visible & beautiful. Purdie is like the alchemist whom lends her skill so that u can turn your painful stories into what gives u strength. 

- River Bowry, Mother, Yogini


"After only one session with Purdie I was left with a deeper awareness and greater acceptance of my emotions. It was only minutes from the start of our session that I was brought to tears, with a magic in her voice that sung as if from way high in the sky above me, Purdie was able to bring me to a sensitive place where I was receptive to the memories that poured forth. Rather than just ponder these thoughts a moment and simply shrug, as I might normally, I began to relive snapshots of my life and feel the same sorrow I had felt as a child. Purdie's persistence in holding me in that place of profound sadness was key to allowing the benefits of this experience. Throughout the time that has passed since our session I am living with a greater confidence and solidity at my core."

- James Gilker, Author

"My sessions with Purdie became a precious personal experience for their authenticity and sense of connection, through her, with an ancient wisdom. This valuable opportunity to bring this ancient wisdom (I can think of no better way to describe it) into my current life proved to be both grounding and expansive, intimate and universal, with a clear and constant sense of direction and intention. It was as if she helped me to remember something important which I had almost forgotten. It was inexplicably familiar.

- TJ Tracey, Poet, Photographer and Author

"The Soul Retrieval session I had with Purdie was a profound confirmation of significant information I had previously been given by another practitioner but until that moment had not had any way of verifying. It came to me, through Purdie, not only as information but more significantly as an experience of something long lost now being present within me.

Directly after the session I had the sense that my physical body was changed, stronger somehow, more resilient. This was of great importance to me as at the time I was in the middle of an undiagnosed health crisis. I had the distinct sense that this would give me the energy I had been lacking to turn my health around, which was in fact what happened.

Later that evening when I lay down to sleep and closed my eyes I saw in my minds eye something that I find very difficult to describe. It was as if many, many different shaped objects were raining down into me and I thought immediately, here they are, my returning soul parts. It felt like a rare and precious gift."

- Kerrie Ferguson, Human design practitioner





For more information about Purdie's background or the modalities that she uses go to her website or send her a message instantly by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below


Qualification Details

  • Visionary cranio sacral therapy training (Milne Institute) 2010-2013
  • Gestalt practitioner training (Tanya Lloydell) 2011-2012
  • Soul retrieval practitioner training (Sandra Ingerman) 2011
  • Hawaiian temple bodywork training (Iolani Grace Negrin) 2011
  • Director and co-founder of the Australian Sound Institute since 2010
  • Holistic pulsing practitioner training (Sally Mckern) 1996-1998

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