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Radiant Health & Yoga

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We offer Specialised Skin Therapies, Massage, Bodywork and Sensory Journeys, Meditation, Nail Care, Waxing, Tinting, Spray Tans, Life Beyond Cancer Retreats and Workshops on Personal Growth, Meditation and Mindfulness.

Radiant Health & Yoga

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Manicure Resilience Relaxation Pressure points Head massage Joy

Welcome to Radiant Health & Beauty

The energy and space created here is one of peace and calm. We take time to treat you as an individual, tailoring treatments to relax, nourish and heal at a cellular level promoting an overall sense of health and wellbeing.


Our Sensory Journeys and bodywork are more than just a massage or facial. Your senses are activated, musclesare relaxed and tensions released. An opportunity to go deeper within, detaching the clutter from your mind, connecting to your inner self, perhaps opening doorways for change. At this level profound peace is experienced. Whether you are visiting or live here we look forward to giving you holistic beauty and body treatments, making time for peace in a busy world, cultivating your intuition and expanding your awareness - time well spent.

About Me

Hi my name is Colleen. My journey has lead me to the world of Yoga. I now live and breath its essence daily, sharing its many qualities with all sorts of people. It is a deeply nurturing and expansive practice, bringing about transformation to all our levels of being.

I do a free flowing form of massage using warm basalt stones, hands and awareness or focused attention. As your body begins to relax, your mind slows down, allowing your nervous system to come out of flight & fight mode and back into neutral. As we dive deeper into relaxation you come into a quiet serene place, where you may experience ‘stillness’, that clients refer to as a place of  ‘profound rest’. This is where I believe the body starts to heal itself on a cellular level, a place of limitless possibilities.

I teach Hatha and Qi Yoga in a way that is gentle yet dives deep within your body. I guide you to feel your body from the inside, rather than from a place in your mind that wants to reach a certain place. As your body begins to trust your mind, the two can work together, in harmony. This develops awareness with an open heart, which in turn brings flexibility and strength, whilst instilling a deep sense of peace and calm, that travels off the mat and into your day.

Radiant Health & Yoga

Hatha & Qi Yoga 

A gentle, yet deep spiritual practice. Open your energy channels, work with prana, your life force. Movement and asanas that brings ease, lengthens and stretches muscle fibres, building strength and resilience. Learn to work with awareness, connect to the forest, mountains, river and sea. A flowing practice filling and aligning you with Qi. Finish with a guided relaxation. This is a small friendly group perfect for the beginner to intermediate practitioner.

An individual journey to find peace of mind, more flexibility to your spine & body, build tone & strength to your muscles. Leave feeling centered, calm & refreshed.

Restorative Yoga

Using props, cushions and blankets, unwind and learn to ‘let go’…..  as your muscles come to rest in a position, fatigue and tightness is eased.  Your mind learns to settle into a quiet space that brings peace, calm, focus and clarity. Sessions are held on the deck overlooking the forest. Listen to nature, the breeze in the trees, the birds in the branches. An extremely enjoyable, therapeutic practice, suitable for all ages and abilities. Held twice a month on Saturday afternoon.


Experience a deep sense of wellbeing, where tensions are released and balance is restored

Therapeutic: working into the muscles yet deeply relaxing, leave feeling serene & calm

Massage & Energy Rebalance: meditation, warmed stone massage & healing 

Swedish: flowing strokes, very relaxing, gentle or firm

Hot Stones: deeply comforting & grounding using warmed basalt stones

Ka Huna: a sacred Polynesian massage, a complete experience, nurturing on all levels

Pregnancy: care & relaxation for both mother & baby

Indian Head: fully clothed, using pressure points, very relaxing

Oncology: for cancer clients at any stage of their journey

Modern Cupping: suction cups are used to release tension

The Deep Relax: De clutter your mind, deeply nourish your body. Experience bliss with this package, outside surrounded by the forest, immerse into nature. Begin your treatment with breath & meditation, followed by a pure relaxation massage & indian head massage, feet and energy balance. Finish your session back on high cushioned meditation mat with bolster for Shavasana & guided meditation.


  • Pick me up

  • Deep cleanse detox

  • Deluxe splurge

  • Facial Glow

  • Certified Organic Facial

  • IPL – Photorejuvenation

Specialised Skin Treatments

  • Facial Rejuvenataion

  • Sun Damage

  • Pigmentation

  • Decongestion

  • Acne

Body Treatments

  • Pure Back

  • Just 4 Him

  • Blissed Out

  • Salt Glow

  • Sacred Sensations

  • Jetlag Reviver


  • Bio sculpture gel overlays

  • Buff & polish

  • Classic manicure

  • Basic pedicure

  • Spa pedicure


  • Full Moon Circle

  • Work shops and Retreats

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