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Rainbow Magik

Crystal Dreaming™ | Australian Bush Flower Essences | Numerology Chart

Rainbow Magik


Janine is qualified in the below modalities:

Crystal Dreaming™ - studied with Master Raym Richards, Byron Bay. Feng Shui (Form School, Compass School and Flying Stars) – Australian College of Esoteric Studies, Melbourne;

Level 4 Spring Forest Qi Gong – studied with Master Chunyi Lin in Minnesota, USA; and

Australian Bush Flower Essence (ABFE) – studied with Ian White, Founder ABFE, Melbourne.

Shamanic Journeying – Crystal Dreaming™

$120.00 per 1½ hour session

Crystals are used to assist in accessing altered states in a safe manner. A qualified Crystal Dreaming Practitioner™ utilises crystals to gently guide the client to access cellular memories stored in the subconscious so they can be healed and released.  In times of trauma, we can open ourselves up to negative attachments or entities.  These misguided, unwanted guests are not easily discernible by the host, however, can stop a person reaching their full potential in this lifetime. 

If you feel stifled, blocked, drained or just not sure why attempt after attempt to move ahead in life is thwarted, a Shamanic Journey may be required. Janine is a qualified Shaman, having studied with Master Raym Richards at Byron Bay.  Please see Master Raym’s website for further details

A crystal mandala is used to support the process, there is no physical contact and the client is fully conscious throughout the journey.  The results have proven to be life changing with clients reporting spiritual experiences and states never dreamed of.

ABFE (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

$60.00 per ½ hour session, inclusive of drops
$100 per 1-hour session, inclusive of drops and Numerology Chart

Janine is qualified to administer Australian Bush Flower Essences.  These extremely powerful yet gentle and loving essences have the capacity to bring about major shifts in the mental / physical / emotional body.  They are a powerhouse healing modality. Shifts come about subtly but surely.  Please see Ian White’s website for details on the essences.

Numerology Chart

It has been said that the universe is built on formulas, a numerology charts plots a basic outline of who you are - via numbers.  The resulting numerical sequences highlight your major strengths and challenges. Knowledge is power, so with the feedback provided by the table you will gain a clear understanding of your purpose in life and where to direct your energy.  The ABFE essences then provide a beautiful strong support mechanism to move ahead in life, clearing unwanted blockages and providing clarity, support and direction for new ventures.  If you would like a chart, please confirm date of birth prior to session.

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